Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 12, 2015


How has it already been 8 weeks in the MTC I can't believe it....The weeks go by faster each week! I feel like I am getting more and more prepared every day, lessons and Japanese are coming more natural I am so grateful for the programs the MTC has set up to help us they are amazing and really useful! That and the Lord have gotten me through so far, I feel so blessed to have gotten to learn the language. The Lord has helped SO much!

Well I have one pretty crazy story from the week and I will send along pictures in a little bit, I forgot my camera right now :( K here is my CRAZY story for the week, So I was taking down after a devotional and there are all these risers that we have to drop down, and to do that you have to put your foot in this hidden thing and push down. Well one of the new people helping couldn't find it so I showed him by putting my hand in it. When I started to pull my hand out the thing caught my middle finger and ripped on it. At first I was like man this kinda hurts but it is probably just a scratch. I look down at my finger and my nail is ripped out at the bottom corner and there is this crazy deep cut (insert scared emoji with teeth showing) It was bleeding like crazy so we had to go to the ER until 1 AM :((( They had to numb my finger, take the finger nail off put it back in and then give me stitches to keep it in place! So we get back to the residency we sleep and then during class the next day it started to hurt so I took off the bandage and it was infected :( So now I am on tons of medicine to get it better. I get the stitches out Monday...schwoof it was crazy...On the bright side I got to call my Mom and talk to her for a little bit :)

I leave for Japan in a week and four days! Holy hannah...It is coming so fast, the weeks feel like minutes. I feel like I was just emailing home about what I did last week. It is hard to remember all of what we did this week. My companion got to give a prayer in one of the devotionals and he killed it he did such a good job! We got to sit on the stand with the MTC presidency...those chairs are so much more comfy....the ones we sit in for devotional are back killers...but these ones recline and are cushy...I dream about them sometimes they are so nice ;) So we had a new group of native Japanese missionaries come in and they moved into our room. Which is great because it will help us learn the language because they don't speak hardly any English, but there are three of them so my companion and I now have five in the room for the last two weeks rather than two! But the benefit far outweighs the sacrifice ;)

The lessons this week went fantastic, both the investigators are progressing well and the Lord's hand is so obvious in quickening both mine and my companions mind as we teach. It is such a blessing, and just proves that this is truly his work and we are his servants!! My missionary purpose is so important, and the work we are doing as missionaries is more important than we can imagine. We have been called to invite others to come unto christ, by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end! This gospel brings so much happiness and so much joy to the people that accept it and learn from it!

I know this church is true, and I know that Jesus Christ is our savior, He loves each and every one of us and knows us all individually! He is our perfect example and if we follow Him and follow His commandments then we will receive more blessings then we could possibly imagine!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

ps. 11:11

February 5, 2015

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN 7 WEEKS?? Cause I sure as heck can't!

Wowzers...what an amazing time it has been. I have changed so much since I entered into the MTC, hopefully for the better! I am so grateful for the Lord and know that all the blessings and all of the help I have received here have been from him. He truly loves and cares for every single one of his children and will bless us if we live his commandments!

This week has been a pretty normal week in the MTC, we taught our investigators and they are really progressing well!! We are planning on committing Morimoto san to baptism tomorrow! He has really been progressing and seeing how the gospel blesses his life and can make him happier! I know it is just teachers we are teaching but it feels so real!! I love it!

Every week in the MTC so far it seems as if there is something the Lord tries to teach me and he does it through repetition ;) This week it was what our purpose truly is as missionaries and that is to Invite others to come unto Christ. As well as that we need to make this gospel personal to them, the gospel is important to everyone it is just about how it can help them the most in their life. I have truly been working this week on praying for help and revelation from the Lord and then listening for the answer that I receive! Whether it be what I should study to help my investigator, or what we should teach our investigator on in the lesson. The Lord will help us if we ask him with a sincere desire to receive the help!!

2 and half weeks until Japan! I could not be more excited!! I am going to miss the MTC so much, the real world is a scary place. But I know that as I prepare myself more and go out there with a good attitude and be willing to be used as a tool in the Lord's work than it will truly be an amazing time and the lives of many will be blessed! We got 24 new missionaries in our zone yesterday!! 24!!!! That is so many, and another zone got 22 so all in all yesterday we got 46 New missionaries heading to JAPAN! The Lord is truly quickening his work! The field is white!! And we are ready to harvest!!

There was some switch in my brain that has clicked this week, that has suddenly decided that I can learn Japanese now. The Lord has blessed me so much with a quickened mind and understanding to be able to memorize vocab and to be able to remember speech patterns and grammar and apply them in my speech! How amazing the Lord and all his marvelous blessings are, he has truly blessed us and we are truly his children, he loves and knows us all individually!

Something funny that happened this week! Our new doryo was feeling sick so we left class about an hour early and went back to the residency for him to sleep! Well me and Vanalfen Choro were outside the room relaxing so that Skinner Choro could sleep. He had a bag of gummy worms and we decided to go around and leave little notes and hang gummy worms around our floor because we were bored it turned out pretty awesome hahahaha I will attach some pictures so you can see :)

I love this work so much, and I love the Lord so much. I hope to be an instrument in his hands and work as hard as I can and be obedient as possible so that the Lord trusts me to complete his work! What an amazing work it is! To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of ALL MEN!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

Mormon Missionaries - Men Called to Serve