Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10, 2016

What an amazing week! Topped off with General Conference and Takashis baptism! It was such an amazing experience, his mom was able to come and she really felt the Spirit and was even tearing up. Plus she was getting fellowshipped really well by the members, we are hoping to truly bless their whole family with this glorious gospel!

Speaking of this glorious gospel! How about General conference! Wowzers! I loved every thing about it, I loved especially Elder Bednars talk about baptism, because it was literally right before Takashis baptism and it helped me truly understand and think about the importance of baptism before that important ordinance! I also really enjoyed President Uchtdorfs talk about the metal and how through the atonement we find out what we are truly made of. It was just a spiritual feast, as a missionary it is literally better than Christmas!

This week was also way fun because we got to go on a lot of splits with other missionaries, it was way fun to get to work with two other missionaries, Elder Reed, and Elder Mismash! They taught me a lot about how to be a better missionary and how I can improve myself every day! Splits are such an awesome opportunity as a missionary to learn, teach and train. I really look forward to them!

Elder Hanley is straight killing it right now, he is doing so well and his Japanese is flying off the charts. I am way impressed with him and it is CRAZY to see the amount he has changed since starting his mission!

This last Monday as well was Cherry blossoms here in Japan, they are so beautiful, and Japanese people flip out about them, they are the most important part of the year to Japanese people! And for good reason, I got some awesome pictures, so look out on Instagram cause they are gonna be coming your way...As long as Laura still remembers my password... ;)

I love you all so much! You are all the greatest, I hope you were able to enjoy conference! Please send me an email with some of your favorite parts of conference, I love hearing about things that stood out to other people!

Love you,

Elder Krebs

April 3, 2016

Wowzers! What a great week!

We had President Egan come around for trainings this week, he has such an amazing spirit and joy around him! He has that "light"! He gave an awesome training on goals, and how they can help us progress, it was a topic I thought I new a lot about but he opened up my eyes to what it really means! It was amazing! #HereWeComeCelestial

We had a lot of fun dendoing this week, I have had a lingering sickness this whole week which has been way rough! But that's okay because we can do anything through the Lord :) we were able to teach Takashi again, and it was so good! His interview is on Tuesday, and the baptism is on Saturday after general conference (we watch it on a one week delay!) so no spoilers please!

The Sakura is absolutely gorgeous right now!!! The cherry blossoms in Japan are so famous and such a huge deal, the whole country just explodes when they start blossoming! It is way fun to just see these gorgeous blossoms, and as well to see families spending time together here! Always a joy!

Elder Hanley is doing great! He is such an awesome missionary, I am grateful for him and his example to me!

Not a ton went down this week! If you have any questions let me know!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JUCY KREBS FOR THE NEW BABY! Love little Blake already!! #Diversity!

Love you all so much, thanks a ton for the birthday wishes!!

Elder Krebs

March 27, 2016


What an amazing time to be a servant of the Lord! #EasterInMarch

None of the members even knew it was Easter yesterday which was really sad! But shout out to momma for sending perfectly timed Easter candy we were able to give Easter presents to all the members and they LOVED it!

This week we were able to see a huge miracle of meeting with Kenji! An amazing investigator who we were able to set a baptismal date with him!

He is so solid, 18 years old and working right now to save up for college, his lesson was one of the most spiritual on my mission as we taught him simply about gods love for him and the plan of salvation! It was amazing!

Takashi is doing amazing! Everything is set up! The member he wants to baptize him is going to be gone on 4/2 so we had to move the date to 4/9! But we went through everything for baptism and he is soooo excited for his baptism! His mom is going to be there and it will just be a great experience for everyone!!

We went on splits this week which was a blast! We saw a HUGE miracle, we were knocking doors and we knocked one with a lady who is a member! She was baptized at 8 in a different city,and her mom is a member as well! But she hasn't been able to go to church because she didn't know there was one in Yamaguchi. She was so excited to see us and was saying that she was even planning to go to her old branch which is like an hour drive, she is a young mom with 2 little kids! So hopefully she can start coming back to church again! And let the gospel bless her and her young family!

I know this work is the Lords work. I am more grateful for the Savior than I could ever express, because of Him we can overcome the two things in this life we can't control. Sin and death. His atonement is infinite with no end. And his resurrection will allow all people to be resurrected. I was really impressed this week as I read the simple words in Matthew, he is not here, he is risen. Christ is risen and he is a beacon of light to the world and our perfect example! I glory in his name every day and am grateful to have his name on my chest every single day!

Love you all so much!

Elder Krebs

So this is my funny experience of the week, Elder Hanley my companion is not into sports at all, knows almost nothing. So we were talking about how we hope there is sports in heaven and how I wanna play basketball in heaven. And elder Hanley said "I wanna ball like Michael Johnson" and we all just kind stopped and looked at him, and he had no idea that his name was Michael Jordan hahahahaha it was classic, we were dying laughing. And then in a lesson that night our investigator started talking about Michael Jordan. #MissionaryFunnies

March 20, 2016

This week was a blast!! The beginning was way rough because the whole apartment got pretty sick...we were inside all day p-day. Then elder Schuenman and I got to go to Fukuoka on Tuesday! It was a good day, we had some amazing training from President Egan that was, as always, exactly what I needed!! I love president Egan so much!

I just want to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone for your prayers for Takashi our 11 year old investigator! His dad gave permission to be baptized!!! AHHHHH! It was so exciting, he is excited, we are excited, and most importantly his mom came to church on Sunday!! It was so miraculous! The lord is just too kind! We are hoping to start teaching his mom next week as well! The dad said he has zero interest but we will pray for his heart to change little by little as he sees the blessings the gospel brings to his family!

We were able to go out and really see and meet a lot of cool people this week and see a lot of miracles! We have been focusing a lot on doing the little things, going back to the basics. Really focusing on Book of Mormon and the basic principles and we have seen SO many blessings come out of it. The Lord will always bless us as we are constantly striving to change ourselves in a positive way!

I truly love this work, even being inside sick a lot this week, I have been able to see some really amazing things. Especially being able to a baptismal interview with a woman whose life has been turned around by the gospel! And seeing Takashi getting to be baptized! It is amazing! He will be baptized on 4/2! So please continue to pray for him to be protected from Satans influence!

I have been thinking a lot this week about the Light of Christ, and the people in my life who have that light and how it just attracts people to them. They want to be a better person around them, and I have seen that light in my parents, my church leaders, my siblings, and so many missionaries. And I have been praying a lot this week about how I can gain that own light in my life! So if you have any ideas for traits that those people who exude the light of Christ have I would love to hear them!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

March 13, 2016

What an amazing week!!!! I can't even put into words how awesome it has been!!

I will start off with Takashi our 11 year old that we are teaching prayed every day this week for a desire to be baptized and Heavenly Father stepped up and gave him that desire! He even went and asked his mom for permission, and she said yes so now we just need his fathers permission and he will be getting baptized!! On 3/26! So please keep him in your prayers! His family is Also more and more interested so hopefully we can help their whole family come closer to Christ!

Also another amazing experience was being able to meet with my main man, the always studly Shota! One of my best friends from high school! It was so good to see him again after two years! And this time to be able to talk in two languages. Although to him my Japanese probably sounded like a 1 year olds....but that's okay! It was cool, to eat and go to church with him as well, and truly talk about some of the most important things to me. He is such an amazing person, and was a great example to me in high school and he still is now! It was definitely the Lords plan there!

Elder Hanley is doing great! We are excited for this next week! So many good things are happening here in Yamaguchi! Elder TAKAYA left :(((( he went home to Aomori, so we got a new missionary here.....Elder Schuenman!! Whoooooooooo! We lived together in Sendai, so it is fun to get to work with him again! He is a studly missionary, although the cold isn't treating him well...poor guy has been on the islands most of his mission. But that's okay, we will toughen him up!

I just have felt a lot of gratitude towards my Heavenly Father, in always giving us exactly what we need. And usually a lot more than we do need. I felt His love in my life, and How much he cares for me so much this week as we had some really amazing experiences! I have been really trying to count my blessings, and it is amazing to see what the Lord has done!

Love you so much!

Elder Krebs

March 7, 2016

What a great week!!!

We are having a lot of fun here in Yamaguchi! We were able to see a lot of miracles, especially with teaching our main man Kenji!! He is way cool! And he is excited to learn more! He is a 20 year old kid working to save up for college!! It is way fun to teach him, he loves English and so we are helping him learn the basics!! And he is progressing way well!

We are doing way well and having a party here, loving Elder Hanley, he is progressing more and more every day!! It is cool to see the changes as he adjusts more and becomes more comfortable in the language, he is a great example to me!

We were also able to teach Moto, a self referral from English class, he lived in America for 22 years! It was an interesting lesson...he thinks the institution of the church is amazing like the missionary
program, but has no interest in religion he doesn't think it is a good thing. And said when he dies he just wants everything to be over. After that lesson it made me think a lot, about how sad that would be if everything just ended when we died, how lucky we are to know that we can live forever, with our families in a heavenly setting. It is just such a huge blessing!

I went on splits on Thursday, with Elder Tschirky! It was a BLAST! We knocked into a white minister...he told us that we were antichrists in the most polite way ever. It was an interesting experience that I will definitely never forget! Top ten of my mission for sure! #CrazyMoments

This week is transfers and elder Hanley and I are staying together for one more transfer at least! It should be fun to continue to blow up Yamaguchi! Plus elder Scheaunman is coming here as the new zone leader since elder TAKAYA is going home :(((( but I love elder Scheaunman! We lived together for one transfer in Sendai so it should be a blast being together again!!

I love this work a lot!! Hope everyone is doing well at home! Hearing all about Donald Trump here in Japan, the people are riveted... ;)

Love you all!

Elder Krebs

February 28, 2016

What a great crazy awesome week!!

Lots of time to go around knocking doors at the beginning lots of fun miracles with that! We were able to really start working more with the ward this week and with some less actives which has brought a lot of success and a better relationship with the ward!!

I am having a blast with Elder Hanley! One crazy miracle this week was on Friday at English class, recently a man and his son have been coming. The dad lived in America for 22 years! He is a genius and worked for what. And we started talking about the church, and he had all these questions and just wanted to learn. And asked us to come to his house and teach him!! He is amazing, and really needs this in his life and he recognizes that he needs something in his life!! He has all kinds of time to meet, and thinks the missionaries are amazing for what we do! We are so excited to baptize Moto! So please pray for him!

On Saturday we had a fun concert in Ube, I got to sing a couple songs, and it was so weird to be singing so much! I haven't sung that much in a while, I have dropped like two steps from my range. #MissionSacrifices #DontTellMr.Marsh...

I feel so blessed to be working in Yamaguchi and serving the Lord. I have been humbled a lot here, and it has taught me so much about relying on the Lord in everything because if we do not then we cannot accomplish what he wants done. And if I am not trying to accomplish what the Lord wants done, then there is not much reason for me being here! So I am recommitting myself to consecrate everything to the Lord, not just for two years, but my whole life. I want to be a servant, and more than that a friend of the Lord.

Fun story from this week was....I ate whale meat! Whoop! It was way weird...smells like fish, tastes like super salty beef.

We also played badminton this week...Japanese people do not mess around with badminton. One of the missionaries here, elder TAKAYA, was the captain of his high school team, and I always joked around about it. But this missionary is amazing. It was like art watching him play badminton. That was a humbling experience. All the badminton at the graduation parties senior year did not prepare me...

Well I love you all tons!! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Krebs

February 22, 2016

Greetings loved ones!

This week was amazing, we had Elder Yamashita of the Asian north area
presidency come and give a taikai this week! It was STUPENDOUS!! He is
amazing, and his spirit of love was so strong for all of the
missionaries! He went over so many awesome things to help us in our
missionary work to improve our skills so that we can see baptisms! The
thing that really stuck out to me was how important the little things
are, and how much we have to work to be in tune with the spirit at all
times. It is not an easy thing to be always receiving help and
guidance, we must put in a lot of work to accomplish that. And it will
make us the most effective missionaries!

That was on Friday, we also had a great experience teaching our
investigator Ryo this week, we were able to get a member there and it
was AMAZING. Ryo was able to hear this recent converts testimony and
see the effect and blessings it could have on his life, and also his
future family! He wants to be baptized so bad, but can't because of
work on Sunday's.... :( so please pray that his faith is strengthened
enough to take a day off on Sunday to be able to keep the sabbath day

We had a fun member dinner on Thursday! He made us all kinds of
delicious food, and we got to share a nice spiritual message with them
on our gratitude to the Lord and helping them realize everything they
have gotten from Him, as well as what we can give back to the Lord to
show our gratitude towards Him!

The Yamaguchi area is doing great! Elder Hanley and I are working well
and having a blast here! We are grateful to the Lord for everything he
has given us! It is amazing, as we truly count our many blessings it
amazes me how much the Lord has given us as we stop and think! Never
forget how much the Lord loves every single one of you!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

February 7, 2016

Hello from the beautiful area of Yammaguchi!

Today was crazy with lots of travel and lots of preparation for trainings, and other things but it was a blast and a half! But because of that, there was not a ton of time for meeting and teaching, which was way hard but I am grateful for the time we did have to work!

Elder Hanley is doing well, we are going out with the faith and desire to see miracles! Especially to see a baptism this transfer. I know that the Lord will prepare a way for us to see miracles as we work our hardest and keep the commitments we have made with the Lord!! He can't help but bless us, as we do as he commands!

We had district conference on Sunday, which was amazing. We were able to hear from President Egan, he gave a beautiful talk on charity, and how it blesses our lives and how if we have charity we will truly forget ourselves and help others, help them grow rather than focusing on ourselves!

He also gave another wonderful training this week to us on just being strictly obedient to the mission rules, never doubting why we have them but always just following them with faith that we will see miracles! He is such an amazing man who is filled with such love!

I love this work, I know this church is true!


Elder Krebs