Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 12, 2016


So grateful for the time I have had as a missionary and the time I have left to share this gospel!!! I know this church is true. Throughout my mission through many many experiences I have learned that Jesus Christ is my savior. I can never deny this, I have learned the beauty and simplicity of the gospel. I am so grateful for all those who taught me the gospel growing up and the help I have received from it. I am full of gratitude!!

This week was fantastic, we were all over the place and busy as bees!! We were able to find a lot of new investigators and make a couple new baptismal dates. It is absolutely ridiculous the blessings that the Lord has been pouring out upon this area!! I feel so grateful. I love these people and this ward so much!! They are so kind, and I truly feel the love of God whenever I am with them! The investigators we have all have such strong desires to come closer to Christ. And it is amazing to see them changing as we go through the teaching process!!


We had a great sacrament this week where 3 of our investigators were able to come! The Spirit was so strong, one of my greatest examples on my mission visited and talked at church that Sunday. The Fukuoka temple president, president tashiro came and spoke. It was a powerful testimony on the power and beauty of the temple, and why it is so important. All of our investigators had a desire to go to the temple after his talk. It was so powerful! He is AMAZING!!! He is one of the happiest people in the world, and it is because the gospel has truly been what his whole life is centered around! 

I love all of you, I am grateful for my friends and family who have shaped my life!! I know this church is true, and I know the Savior is always with us! Helping us every step of the way!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

December 4, 2016

I can`t get over how amazing this area is, and how amazing the Lord`s plan is!!

This week we had the amazing opportunity to meet with Junki, a chinese college student, who was raised in Japan so he is basically Japanese. We met him at a basketball activity, he is fluent at Chinese, English, and Japanese...communicating is almost too easy ;) He is soooo solid! Has a lot of Faith in Jesus Christ, and as he was going around looking for a church to go to hear and praying to Heavenly Father to meet some Americans who could help him learn more about Jesus Christ he met us....THE LORDS PLAN IS PERFECT! He is set to be baptized on January 14th! SO keep him in your prayers!

Takenouchi is doing well, his date is now for the 24th so he can work through some of the commandments but he is progressing amazingly well!!

Tantan Lee is doing FANTASTIC! Came to church yesterday, loved it. He said every time he starts reading from the Book of Mormon it is hard to put it down because he knows that he is coming closer to God through reading it....I mean come on...I feel God`s love for him so strongly every time we are near him! God loves and cares about every single one of His children!

The Lord is amazing, the Spirit is the key to everything we do in our lives! I have learned so much and changed so much on my mission!! And I am grateful that I still have even more time to learn and to grow and to come closer to my Savior. I truly love this work, my heart has been changed through the Gospel repeatedly, and I know that it will bless everyones lives as they take a chance to listen to the happiness of it. 

I have been studying a lot recently about the need for a Savior, and it has truly been eye opening to me. I am grateful for the Savior`s amazing teachings from the Sermon on the mount. It is a beautiful sermon that I have been studying a lot more in depth and gaining much more knowledge on! 

I love this work!

Love all of you,

Elder Krebs

November 25, 2016

What an amazing week!!!

I love tsuboi! It is so good to be out and running here, the Lord is blessing us so much right now! We had two amazing investigators come to church on Sunday! They are so prepared! They have baptismal dates for December 11th together, they are ridiculously amazing! Please pray for takenouchi and maeda SAN! WHOOOO!!

KUMAMOTO ZONE is amazing!! The people here are ridiculous! So nice, the apartment is really fun with Elder Johnson and Elder Westhoff! Super blessed with some amazing people! We had a huge ZONE p-day and did a fun Olympics with lots of sports!! And I got to throw a real frisbee for the first time on my mission...exhilarating....

I just feel so grateful this thanksgiving! So grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary, to feel the love of God and the Spirit so much. There is no better time!! 

The Lord has blessed me with some of the most amazing companions, I am so grateful for each and every one of them! I can't thank my companions enough for teaching me and showing amazing examples to me of love and the huge amount of patience it takes to deal with me!

This week I have loved the scripture in 2 Nephi 9:39 focusing on to be spiritually minded is life eternal! If we are constantly focused on the most important things in life, and the large goals that we have in life, we truly can have the Spirit of God with us at all times in life! And as we do we will have the Light of Christ with us and gain eternal life! How cool is that!! 

Love this work and I love the Lord!

Elder Krebs

November 7, 2016

What a wonderful week in the crib!!

We have had some way cool miracles!! I will start with kouki and his dad! So we were out proselyting the other night and we felt like we should do a specific apartment with the the 5 minutes we had left! So we ran to the fourth floor last door ;) and knocked, this man came out who had met with missionaries 30 years ago and LOVED them! Said he had been waiting to meet them for forever and was excited that we had finally come over, we gave him the Book of Mormon and it was awesome! So we went back yesterday and he was a little crazy...he was talking about all kinds of interesting stuff and we were pretty sad, but my amazing companion elder Yamanashi asked if his son in the other room might want to listen! And the dad brought him out and he was AWESOME! 22 years old, way cool. Plays basketball immediately connected and he was interested as well! The Lord works in mysterious ways! Long story, awesome miracle!! :)

I absolutely love Fukuoka and being a missionary! Can't thank the Lord enough for everything that I have been able to learn! And I pray every day that I can begin to apply everything I have learned and use the atonement of Christ in my life to help change many of my weaknesses into strengths! I love this work! I know that God is our Heavenly Father and has given us more in our lives than we could ever repay him for, if we just stop and think about everything he has given us (especially a Halloween package from Mom and Dad) than we realize how important our relationship with Heavenly Father is!

This church is true! 

Have a fantastic week!!


Elder Krebs

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 26, 2016

Hasn't been too long! Gomen this week got crazy, p-day got moved around so that we can do some other stuff on the weekend!!

First things first! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I love the atonement, and I love everything about Japan. I don't think I could express that enough! I have been humbled a lot this week, and it has helped me grow and learn many new things and new skills. I am grateful for the examples of other missionaries, my parents/family, and my Mission President! I have so many examples all around me, I couldn't be more grateful!

My favorite quote this week that I heard from our Mission Presidents wife's training was

"We can't just produce happiness, but we can produce gratitude."

It is so true! Whenever I have caught myself getting discouraged or feeling like I am not good enough I just focus on being grateful for EVERYTHING that my Heavenly Father has given me and I immediately just feel the joy of the gospel and a strong motivation to improve! We have truly been given so much, I just wanna sing count your many blessings all day every day!

Elder Yamanashi is still the greatest companion of all time! I love him to death, he is the best example to me. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a part of everything he does. To be Spiritually minded is life eternal!

I love getting to share this happy message with all those around me! I hope that they can feel the joy that I have been able to feel!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

October 21, 2016

This week was FLYYYYYYYY!

We had a cool experience with finding this week! We have been focusing on putting a lot more effort into finding and we saw the miracles from it this week! We were able to find a new young family, a super cool young guy who is a badminton pro, and a former investigator! all in one night! It is so cool! We had been struggling to make return appointments all week it had been way hard, but then the Lord showed His hand!

We have learned a lot this week about finding joy, and how we can choose joy! It has been good for me to learn! To choose joy to choose the gospel and stay focused on the work at all times! We can always improve!

I am so grateful for this gospel and for everything it brings to my life. We may have trials but the Lord will always be there to help us, and as we rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ we will gain blessings! 

This work is the greatest!!

Love you all!

Elder Krebs

October 16, 2016

What a great week! Ended off with a trip to the beautiful island of Okinawa! I am writing this on the plane back to Fukuoka. I LOVE MY MISSION! Planes, trains, automobiles, boats, cars, canoe, you name it ;)

This week I have been humbled a lot by the grace and goodness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and for their patience with me! I have seen some amazing examples and friends throughout the mission, and just realized how wonderful this gospel is, and how we have all changed over the time we have been here! How could this gospel not be true???

I have been focusing on humbling myself, and putting all my trust in the Lord and in The Holy Ghost to guide and direct me. I too often get distracted and worried about small little details that make it harder to feel the Holy Ghost. But I know as we relax, trust in the Lord, and CHOOSE to be happy that we can accomplish anything. And especially accomplish what the Lord would have us accomplish! I am still working on it though. I would give myself a solid D+ for now....but hey, that's better than computer programming ;) 勉強します^o^

General Conference was AWESOME! While watching I was remembering myself as a little kid, I could only make it through a session if I had my Harry Potter book behind the Book of Mormon, or 15 coloring books in front of me. Now I never wanted the spiritual feast to end! I was so grateful for Elder Nelsons talk, I also loved the talk about not comparing ourselves! It was definitely something I needed to hear in that moment! All of these talks are so applicable to our lives at any time! Can't wait to study and re study them all again!

So grateful for the opportunity to be here and to serve and learn from amazing mentors! That teach me everything from how to budget my money, to how to cook cookies right in Japan :) plus all kinds of gospel goodness as well! President and a Sister Egan have become amazing role models to me, I know that the opportunity to work with them was for my benefit, the Lord knew what I needed in my life right now. I am grateful for his plan! 

One amazing thing I have learned this week through my experiences and help from others is that we cannot make ourselves become happy but we can make ourselves be grateful and that makes all the difference!! Be grateful for everything you have! We are blessed beyond belief!!


Elder Krebs

October 6, 2016

There is no way that it has been a week hahahahaha 信じられない!

Fastest week of my whole entire life...but also very rewarding! We had a pretty exciting week because of a typhoon that has been roaming around the mission...on transfer week. COME ON MR. TYPHOON! He could have come at any other time....but he had to come on transfer week! Oh well :) 

I learned a lot about planning this week, and making back up plans, and back up for back up plans. It was way fun! PLANS ARE AWESOME! We had 18 of the coolest new missionaries in the world come in this week! I love seeing new missionaries and their faith and excitement for the work, it increases my desire and faith in missionary work every single time! They are so humble, and willing to learn and willing to submit to their Heavenly Father and do anything, it is a wonderful example to me!

The good news is that miraculously the typhoon that was supposed to be a category 4 going straight at Fukuoka, decided to take a turn towards Korea...our prayers must have been stronger than theirs ;) It also weakened a TON, so there was basically no impact here. And now I am praying that everyone in Korea is very safe, I hope it wasn't their transfer week!

Our area is doing great, one of our former investigators who we taught for a while and had to pass because he was in a different area is getting baptized soon! And we have been able to start working with a couple other people! The Lord is constantly blessing us! 

I am SUPER excited for general conference! It is going to be tomorrow and Sunday here! WOW! I just love the opportunity to receive personal advice, and training from Prophets and Apostles, I am pushing right now to every day deepen my faith and testimony and I know that this will be an amazing opportunity!

I LOVE JAPAN! I love the people, I love this work, and I love the Lord!!

Thanks for all of your amazing advice and guidance to me in all of your emails! I definitely need it!

Elder Krebs

October 2, 2016

This week was all over the place! 

It is amazing that the Lord always knows how to push us when we are trying to improve on certain things :) This week I was focusing on Faith and Patience...both were tested hahahahaha I am grateful though, because I know that without trials there is no way that we can grow and progress. So it all works out in the end :)

Life is great here in Fukuoka, we are trying to do our best to stay in contact and continue working with our investigators here. Elder Yamanashi and I are putting together a plan to go out and work our bums off to find a person to baptize before next transfer ends! We are going to exercise our faith and talk to everyone! #FaithWithoutWorks=DEAD

Got to learn a lot of amazing things this week from my Mission President, his example is always a blessing to me. He is very particular and very detail oriented, which is a good example for me to learn from. This week I woke up in the middle of the night and was just had the thought come into my head "Man I love double checking things" hahahahaha I wrote it down in my journal and then went back to sleep, but if that isn't a sign that I have changed on my mission I don't know what is. 

All the new missionaries come in in a couple days! 18 new missionaries! So excited! and there are only 9 going home, so there is a couple of new areas opening up throughout the mission, which is really exciting! 

I love the Lord, this week as I was thinking about our roles that we have in this life. I thought that our most important role that we could ever have is being a Child of God, and a disciple of Christ. At all times and in all places being an example, through serving others. It doesn't matter what calling you have in the church, how much money you have, or anything. It is such a blessing that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us all equally. I definitely felt his individual love for me this week. I feel so blessed to have the restored gospel in my life!

Love you all so much!

Elder Krebs 

September 25, 2016

What a week! Got to go to heaven on earth at the beginning of this week! #OKINAWA

I absolutely love getting to go down to the islands! Got to go on splits with our beloved Elder Gorski, and our young blood, cold stone killer Elder Hardy! They were both AMAZING! I absolutely love talking to the people down there, they are so different from Japanese people hahahaha We saw some amazing miracles! With Elder Hardy we met just a ton of people that were way interested, the Lord was definitely guiding us, we made an effort to focus on our faith and following all promptings from the Spirit, and it was super effective. Go figure ;) 

We got back on Wednesday and it was go go go from there on out, doing all kinds of fun stuff. But it has started slowing down again a little bit here, which is way nice :)

I just wanna testify about the power of work. My favorite quote in PMG is from Elder Benson where he says "Work, work, work,- there is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work" Pg. 121. I know that it is true, not just in missionary work but in life! I have learned that every single day on my mission. I have been focusing on putting in every single bit of effort to the work, to having faith, to following the Spirit. I have seen myself change little by little, and I know that Heavenly Father loves us and sees the effort that we all make every single day. He is waiting to bless us, and we can see those blessings as we work at improving ourselves every single day. All thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ. WOW THIS GOSPEL ROCKS! I Absolutely love getting to share this with the amazing people in Japan. 

Companion is still an angel! Life is still amazing! AND I AM ALWAYS HAPPY!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

Friday, September 23, 2016

September 18, 2016

This week was amazing, busy, and fun as can be!!

Elder Yamanashi and I this week have been focusing on learning, and growing, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones this week! With the language, dendo, and just everything! It has been amazing, we have seen a lot of miracles and success come from it.

Elder Yamanashi is a stud as always, he drove on a highway for the first time this week, started off pretty exciting, but he was a natural by the end! It was pretty impressive :)

We have found quite a few new investigators and potentials this week! It is way cool, we have started teaching this amazingly cool man named Seigaku, he makes shoes...by hand. They are a little bit out of our price range...like 2,000 dollars...but he is so cool and really interested has a lot of similar beliefs, and was recently just married and thinks the message could help! WAZZUP KINJIN!

It was fun this week, I got to see Elder Hanley one of my former companions! He is doing so well, it is amazing to see people change through the mission! There is no doubt in my mind that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

I have been studying a lot on faith! It is so amazing, so complex yet so simple. And sooooo powerful! I love it!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 11, 2016

This week has been a party, we have been out of Fukuoka all week traveling, it has been great. I am excited to get back tonight and sleep in my own futon again :)

I just love what is happening in the work here! We have found so many prepared people recently. I have been focusing again on the aspect of faith and just having a belief that through Christ we can do all things, including find new investigators. And just the change in my mindset has changed everything! I feel so much happier every day, and just free. I know that Christ's atonement and faith can change anyone's lives!

I feel so lucky to have an amazing companion who is an awesome example to me. I have been blessed to learn from him so much this past few weeks, and am excited to keep learning from him. Elder Yamanashi is THE man! He is learning to love driving hahahahaha this week we had to drive to help open up a new apartment, and I had him drive the way back to practice. It was the first time he had ever driven on a free way, it was pretty exciting to say the least. But we made it safe and everyone grew because of it :)

Love this work, love Japan!

Elder Krebs

August 26, 2016

Transfer week hahahahahaha not much more to say it was pretty crazy! Big mission makes it easy for a lot of people to get lost no matter what precautions we take but it always works out in the end! Have to love the Lord's plan! I have learned that a lot recently, just strengthening my trust in the Lord and his plan rather than what I want and my plan.

This week has gone by pretty fast! I absolutely love my companion, he is the best, and we work well together, always pushing to improve and do all that we can to serve. He is constantly trying to serve and help others always. It is a good example.

This week we were WAY blessed to be able to watch the temple dedication of the Sapporo temple. It is so amazing to have a 3rd temple here in Japan and truly see the Lord's work progressing at such a fast rate! It was also awesome to see a member of the Quorom of the 12 of apostles speaking Japanese! Elder Stevenson has a special place in the hearts of a lot of the people here in Japan.

I have been studying a lot on consecration this week, and what it means. As a missionary we have so many rules and things that sometimes make it easy for us to think that as long as we follow those we are consecrated. And that is what I thought for a while, but throughout my mission I have seen that true consecration to the Lord means giving him everything. Focusing every bit of ourselves towards serving the Lord and building up his kingdom. As we forget ourselves and make Christ the center of our life we will gain so much peace and happiness. I am no where near perfect, but I know that every day through striving and through repenting anyone can improve. Even slow learners like me ;)

I absolutely LOVE Japan, I feel so blessed to be here. These are a special people, and I absolutely love everything about them. Feeling pretty blessed!

Thank you so much for all of your love,

Elder Krebs

August 19, 2016

This week has been a blur! hahahahaha but so many miracles it ridiculous! Uchino San came to church this week! He loved it, it was a special experience as he turned to me after Sacrament meeting, and just talked about the special feelings that he had and the peace and power that he felt! I know that this church is true, because it has blessed and changed my life and to see that happen in someone else's life is an amazing blessing, better than anything else. I feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to meet Uchino san. I love the Lord!!!

We have been really busy this week, it has been so good to work with Elder Yamanashi again, and continue to learn from him and his amazing example to me, I just want to be so much better when I am with him! Should be a fun 2 transfers!

I have been thinking a lot this week about consecration and what it means to consecrate yourself and forget yourself in the work of the Lord. And what impact and change that has in my life. I have on my mission learned that no matter how much you want to change it is hard to change unless you forget yourself, give your will over to the Lord and do all that you can. That is when true change comes. I have been focusing this week a lot on focusing on others every possible second. It is so hard and tiring, because I am naturally not like that at all, I am naturally selfish, but even though I am bad at it now I have already felt a difference and more love in my life. Gaining charity for all people.

I love this gospel and the blessings that it brings into my life! And the blessings that it has given to my family as well, we have the opportunity to live forever with my supah fly family! How cool is that?? Pretty neat huh??

Love this work! Love the Lord!

Elder Krebs

August 14, 2016

Well, this week was a blur...literally, I got pretty dang sick towards the end and don't remember much hahahaha my companion got sick last week and passed it to everyone around here...I got hit pretty hard. This week on Thursday and Friday we were helping President prepare for transfers and I was just sitting in a chair not moving hahaha I felt like the guy in Princess bride when he can't move his body but his mind was still working fine...it was a good time!

Well some sad and happy news this week, Elder Pettit is transferring :( I am way bummed, I have absolutely loved working with him the past two transfers! He is an amazing example to me, and an absolute genius!

But I have an AMAZING new companion who just got in, Elder Yamanashi! We worked together in Fukuoka for about 4 weeks, he is literally perfect. literally. He is Japanese (if you couldn't tell by his name) but his english is WAY good. It is impressive! I am going to love working with him!

We had an amazing miracle this week teaching Uchino san, he is a new investigator who we were able to make a baptismal date with! He is SO solid, and has so much interest in this gospel! We set up a calendar and things to prepare him for his baptism, and he was excited and willing to work to get the answer he needs before baptism! So keep him in your prayers!

I have had some humbling experiences this week, I have so much to improve on and grow. It was a good experience for me to learn how I can improve. That is to me one of the most amazing parts of this gospel is that we have the power to literally change who we are, for good or for worse. And the gospel helps us make sure that it is a change for good!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 6, 2016

This week went by so fast! Faster than lightning McQueen! But it was a great one! The Lord is continuing to progress His work here as fast as Elder Pettit and I are willing to go! It has been so amazing to see the direct correlation of us prioritizing and putting more and more effort in that the Lord progresses this area more and more! Coincidence I think not...Gotta go out and work hard Erry day!

Among this weeks miracles are Uchino san! He MAKES MOVIES! The Japanese Spielberg as I like to call him! He is way cool, he comes to english class and met with missionaries 40 years ago...DAD, he has a Morumon Kei, I am gonna try and swap him that for my morumon sho. He was so excited when we said we wanted to teach him a little and said he had a lot of questions about Jesus Christ. The Lord has some amazing timing. His seed has been growing for a long time now! We meet with him in about two hours!

We have a ton of other people that have a lot of potential that we are beginning to teach so stay tuned!

I am so grateful this week, we have recently been doing training's on finding our investigators needs. This last week as we finished and I was thinking about it, I realized that EVERYONE has needs, not just our investigators. And it is important for me to find my own needs, to ask my self honest questions, ponder and listen, and take the guidance from the Spirit. I need to find what my true needs are to help me progress on my path back to Heavenly Father! baby steps...baby steps.

Got to see some more former companions this week, always the greatest!

Elder Pettit is doing amazing! I absolutely love working with him, he might be leaving here this transfer. But I don't think the mission president is ready to make me the Senior here yet ;) Cant really blame him hahaha so Elder Pettit will hopefully stay and I can continue to learn from him and his example!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

August 6, 2016

This week went by so fast! Faster than lightning McQueen! But it was a great one! The Lord is continuing to progress His work here as fast as Elder Pettit and I are willing to go! It has been so amazing to see the direct correlation of us prioritizing and putting more and more effort in that the Lord progresses this area more and more! Coincidence I think not...Gotta go out and work hard Erry day!

Among this weeks miracles are Uchino san! He MAKES MOVIES! The Japanese Spielberg as I like to call him! He is way cool, he comes to english class and met with missionaries 40 years ago...DAD, he has a Morumon Kei, I am gonna try and swap him that for my morumon sho. He was so excited when we said we wanted to teach him a little and said he had a lot of questions about Jesus Christ. The Lord has some amazing timing. His seed has been growing for a long time now! We meet with him in about two hours!

We have a ton of other people that have a lot of potential that we are beginning to teach so stay tuned!

I am so grateful this week, we have recently been doing training's on finding our investigators needs. This last week as we finished and I was thinking about it, I realized that EVERYONE has needs, not just our investigators. And it is important for me to find my own needs, to ask my self honest questions, ponder and listen, and take the guidance from the Spirit. I need to find what my true needs are to help me progress on my path back to Heavenly Father! baby steps...baby steps.

Got to see some more former companions this week, always the greatest!

Elder Pettit is doing amazing! I absolutely love working with him, he might be leaving here this transfer. But I don't think the mission president is ready to make me the Senior here yet ;) Cant really blame him hahaha so Elder Pettit will hopefully stay and I can continue to learn from him and his example!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

July 31, 2016

This has been an amazing and VERY fulfilling week! I feel so grateful to be in Japan at this time and to be a part of this amazing work. How stinking cool is that??

We have been focusing on every amount of time we have getting out and finding, and teaching, we are focusing on making time in our schedules to progress the Lords work! And because of it we have been able to make a lot of new investigators and making a lot of return appointments with people that have a lot of potential! Specifically Okuda San! He is the COOLEST! He called us and set up a return appointment this week and we met with him at the Church and he is golden! He has so many good questions, and he knows the bible and Christianity SO WELL! It was cool every scripture we shared from the bible he already knew. He has a lot of similar beliefs and we can hopefully help him truly feel the gospel in his heart!

This week I have been studying a lot on humility, and it has been amazing for me to see how it connects to so many other aspects of the gospel, and how much good we can gain from being humble. And heaven knows I need to work on that! The Lord has been giving me plenty of humble experiences as I study it more thoroughly. Funny how that always seems to happen...but I am grateful for the opportunity that we have in this life to learn, grow, and progress closer to our Savior every single day.

I am so grateful this week for the amazing examples I have in my life! I am so grateful for my Savior and everything that he has done for me in my life, and for his atonement!

This gospel is so amazing, and such a blessing in my life, and I know for a fact that it can bless everyones life. It has brought me so much peace and happiness. I can never begin to thank my Heavenly Father for everything I have been given!

Love you all SO much!

Elder Krebs

July 23, 2016

Thanks for being parents, who trust in the Lord work and in his timing. Our mission president actually got quite a few nasty emails from parents about the original release date for my group. That was a lot of why he changed it. I am grateful you didn't send anything like that. Kaicho read me dads email and it was very kind. I was just grateful that I have parents that trust in the Lords plan even on small and simple things like this! You are the greatest example in all things!!


Elder Krebs

The weeks literally just go faster and faster...I don't know where time goes.

This week I have noticed the power and importance of doing the little things. As we get busy and are traveling around a little bit sometimes study time gets cut down. Sometimes we really don't have much at all. And on those days I feel a difference. Of maybe not having a good amount of time to truly sit down and pray to my Heavenly Father. Or to take that time to study the scriptures. I see myself maybe moving a little more backwards rather than progressing forward as we always want to be doing! 悔い改めます^o^

I have also learned the importance of just a good work ethic, I see missionaries who have learned in their lives just how to work hard to achieve what they want to, and to see success. And I have been trying to apply that in my life. I am still no where near my awesome companion but through his example and help j have been able to see a difference as I am trying to be 100% diligent in all things, even seemingly small things and seeing the different results! I LOVE LEARNING TO LOVE WORK! It is a the most important thing that I can learn on my mission is how to truly WORK! Working hard will always lead to having fun.

I love this work so much! I am grateful to be able to learn so much every single day! This life is truly a time to learn and to prepare to meet God. I am so grateful for that. I am learning to love learning more and more every day, something that all my teachers before the mission can tell you that I probably wasn't the best at hahahaha and judging by some of my grades you could say the same thing

Love you all so much!!

Elder Krebs

July 17, 2016

Long time no write!

This past two weeks have been all over the place and AWESOME! The only way I can remember anything that happened is through my pictures!

On Monday we had a whole zone p-day and it was a BLAST! We played all kinds of fun games at a park and just had a good time with everyone! Loved every second, we have the most amazing missionaries in our mission. There is no doubt about that #FukuokaPride

Then we have a couple new areas opening up so President asked us to help him out with the moving process. In case you didn't know our mission is HUGE so it was quite a drive! Felt like I was road tripping again with the homies! Rented a huge van and had it filled up with all kinds of random stuff in the back, then we opened up the apartments and headed back! Good times...Good times.

New missionaries came in...almost all of them. We were waiting at the airport to pick them up, and we were expecting 3 elders. (super small group this transfer) and only 2 came off the plane...it was pretty exciting. Apparently one had some last minute Visa problems so he couldn't come for another week. (we really need to hire poppa Krebs at the churches immigration center)

Then the returning missionaries came in! It was an amazing group of missionaries, full of some missionaries that have really helped me a lot on my mission and been great examples to me. I am very grateful for them, it was sad to see them go but I am sure they will do great in the real world!

Then today...the best of all. We went to a Brazilian BBQ. It was just like Tucanos! Pineapple and all! IT WAS THE GREATEST!

I absolutely love life, my companion, and this mission! I am so grateful for all the things that I am able to learn every day!

I am also very grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. As a missionary as I work with other missionaries, I notice so many of my weaknesses. I see where I could be improving, or should be improving. And sometimes it can be hard. But the Spirit is always there to pat me on the back and guide me in the right direction! It is SUCH a blessing! Best guy!

I love this work, and I am SO grateful for this gospel and for the ability we have to overcome our weaknesses and sins and become more like the Savior every single day!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

July 1, 2016

What a week, what a week!

This week was way busy and all over the place so I am going to try and keep this email organized and serene but there are no promises! :)

I'm currently in Hiroshima, sitting in my Brothers old mission home emailing...way cool :) we are going to have a fun p-day here visiting miyajima. And then going to do all kinds of cool things in Hiroshima before we head back to Fukuoka tonight!

This week was a lot of traveling, so nothing too exciting! We got a new roommate here in the honbu as one of the missionaries will be heading out soon. It will be a fun transition!

I just wanted to testify simply about the Spirit, I am so grateful for the Spirit and the guidance that it gives me in my life every single day. As I have been studying, and receiving training on the Spirit and
the power that it has in our life it makes me realize just how large of a gift it truly is. We can do anything with the Spiirt!

Love you all so much!!

Elder Krebs

June 24, 2016

WOWZERS! This week was way awesome!!

The most fun part for sure was going down to the Islands of Okinawa, we got to fly down and man did it make me miss the hot summer on the islands! It was balmy, but we got to stay in one of the returned couple missionaries apartment one of the nights we were there...it was like being in America...there is a base right across the street, we had chili and fritos, gatorade, starburst, and everything else american you can think of...it was a pretty intense culture shock...and then I slept in a bed...for the first time in forever...it was eye opening.

We have been going around the mission and it has been way cool to see all of these amazing missionaries here and the hard work that they put in every single day! It is amazing to watch and see them, and makes me everyday want to improve myself! It has also been fun to see old areas, and old companions, and friends!

My comp is still a stud! He helps me out so much, I am very grateful for him and for all that he does for me!

Investigator wise this week was AMAZING!!! We met a person on the street last week named Josh, he is Japanese but lived in LA for 7 months, so his English is pretty dang good. We set up a return appointment, and then met him! He is SOO prepared, he accepted a baptismal date right there, and was so excited! He understands the need to repent and to have faith, and is really willing to work towards that. It is amazing that even with all kinds of things happening, the Lord still prepares people for us to teach! #MIRACLES

I have loved this week so far, there are definitely hard times, where it is hard and I question whether I can really do what I need to, or if I am the right person. But I know that I can always trust in the Lord, how wonderful it is that the Lord's church is based off of revelation and we can always rely on that. Although I have many many weakness just as Ether teaches us, the Lord can turn those into strengths, as we make goals, plans, and do everything we can to accomplish them!

Love you all so much!!

Elder Krebs

June 19, 2016

Sorry this is gonna be way fast, I dont have much time!!

So this week was full of moving, service, and training! We got to go drive down to some areas and move apartments around which was a blast! Then we had a big service project in Kumamoto which was a PARTY! Loved getting to serve down there with everyone, got a nice tan and everything ;)

it was way fun as well because we got to go down to Kagoshima, the first zone I served in which was way nostalgic to be back in again! I loved it!

Sorry this is so short!

Elder Krebs

June 16, 2016

WHAT? So sad to hear about the truck, it is good to hear you are safe though!! I will miss that big blue buddy of mine :( That is really sad, I hope you can get a nicer cooler truck :) Somebody in the ward has to be able to help with all the moving and camping trips right??

I am jealous of California, seems like you are having a blast down there! Aliya's baptism looked amazing, I am so proud of that wonderful little girl! She is so amazing :)

I love hearing stories about the spirit guiding people in little ways like that. We are doing our whole training this transfer focused on working smart with the Spirit. Something that the mission definitely needs, maybe I will even get a chance to share your story :)

I will keep Bonnie in my prayers!

I am supah tired, and it feels SO good ;) The office is crazy, our mission is so big, and so much is happening right now. The last 3 nights, we have been going to bed pretty late doing things and having to wake up at 4 am to go to certain areas, or to do service for the earthquake. It is hard keeping my eyes open right now. :) No rest for honbu ;)

Love you so much,

thanks for the email!

Elder Krebs

June 11, 2016

IM LEGIT! I have got a license....TO DRIVE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE STREET! I am so excited, getting a license in Japan is harder than fitting a camel through the eye of a needle...I feel so blessed. It is really weird to drive on the left side, but I haven't had problems so far. But please keep me in your prayers!

This week was really great, we have had a good amount of time to go out and find as well as accomplishing a lot of other fun stuff! President Egan's family is in town right now and it has been cool getting to know them and see the President interact in a different way with his family!

We have met some way amazing people recently here in Fukuoka, we had a crazy cool miracle a couple nights ago. The day before we had been focusing on really planning with the Spirit, and so the next day as we went out finding we were walking on the street and while we were waiting at a light this white guy starts waving his hand and walks towards us and says "Hey Elders, how are you doing?" Turns out that this young super cool white guy's grandma is a member of the church. And because he was with his grandma a lot he knows a lot about the church...and even went to seminary for 3 months before he went into the military and got stationed in Japan! LIKE WHAT THE HECK! He asked us to switch phone numbers and was way down to meet. He totally understood and pointed out the crazy timing that led up to us meeting, the Lord's timing is just amazing. So please keep Cody in your prayers! We are way excited to continue meeting with him!

Elder Pettit is still the best companion out there, we have seen a ton of miracles, and are trying lots of new stuff here! It is a time for me to learn lots from him and I am grateful for the opportunity! We had a couple really fun trainings this week, we had a zone conference and had a stellar training from the Zone Leaders on Thursday, made me wanna go out and baptize the world which is exactly what Elder Pettit and I are planning to do! YOSH!

This week I have been thinking a lot about the gifts of the Spirit, and how great of a blessing it is to have the Holy Ghost guiding us in our every day lives. From small things to large things. The Holy Ghost is always there leading us on the path that the Lord would have us take not on the path the world would have us take. I have been praying and trying to rely on the Spirit a lot this week as I notice a lot of my weaknesses. Especially relying on the Spirit to comfort me so that I don't get overwhelmed by my weaknesses. It has been a great blessing to me!

Jealous of my family getting to party it up in California this week....Dont have too much fun without me!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs