Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 25, 2015

I am in Japan!!! We arrived in Fukuoka after over 24 hours of traveling last night at 9:45! It was a good day, I sat next to an amazing member on my 10 hour flight from Portland to Japan! He was a bishop in the Philippines and worked for the Church family history program! He told me lots of great stories and we were able to talk about the gospel the whole flight!
As soon as we arrived at the mission home we went to bed, it was one of the best nights of sleep in my life hahahahaha I was so tired and just so out of it from all the flights and everything! But I am in Japan and I love it, Gustafson Kaicho seems amazing, I have really loved getting to know him and his wife.

First thoughts of Japan, it is soooo beautiful here in Fukuoka, the temple is right above the mission home which is gorgeous. The food is yummy, or at least what we have had so far I really enjoy it! But the best part...the Japanese have really nailed the bathroom the shower was so nice and like preset to a perfect temperature and good pressure and the toilets are just fantastic...heated seats and everything they really treat us right ;)

Love you so much, I am so excited to serve the Lord!!! We start proselyting in 2 hours then dinner, then we meet our companions and learn our new area!!!! This Church is so true, I have felt the Spirit since I have arrived here and I am loving everything about this beautiful country!


Elder Krebs

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