Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 19, 2015

Holy Cow!!!!!!! 4 days left in the MTC I cannot believe I have been here for over 9 weeks already! It has been such an amazing experience and I feel like I have learned and grown so much. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had in the MTC to grow and learn so much!

My testimony of this gospel has increased ten fold. I truly do know that this is the Lord's work and I know this because the spirit has testified to me and because I have seen the tender mercies and miracles of the Lord every single day here in the MTC. There were definitely hard times here, like learning how to speak Japanese....but the times I struggled in lessons or in speaking Japanese I don't remember I remember the good times and the blessings and miracles I have seen as well as the constant spirit I have felt here!

This week has been really fun, we got a new group of Nihonjin(native Japanese) that moved in with us so instead of two in our room we have five. It has been so great getting to speak to them and work on my Japanese with them. And it is way fun to work with them on their English. We were going through the Alphabet and I was singing the song and we got to LMNOP and they had a little bit of trouble saying it that fast hahahahaha...I just told them it was one letter and moved on ;)

Yesterday was wacko, we got to teach two lessons. Be traffic hosts for all the new missionaries entering in. And then My companion and I helped with one of the new missionary training activities that night! It was so much fun to do all those things and to serve and help!

I am going to be so sad to leave my companion Elder Vanalfen! He is a stud and is such a great Elder who is going to be an amazing missionary! We have had so much fun this past week teaching and have had some really funny experiences together! But don't worry we still have a 14 hours of flying where we get to sit next to each other ;)

I got my FLIGHT PLANS! I leave Monday at 3 AM :(( We go straight from Salt Lake to Tokyo, but our branch president said we should have a pit stop in Portland in between that! I am so excited to get to Japan and teach all those amazing people!!

I love this gospel so much, I love the MTC and everything it has helped me with, I haven't loved every second but those times that were hard were the things that made me grow the most. I feel as if I have changed a lot in the MTC and I can't wait to transition to the next phase of my mission!

Love you all more than Mom's home made cookies,

Elder Krebs

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