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March 23, 2015

OKAY! Starting this off and being blunt, NO ONE TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THE TOURNAMENT UNLESS UK WINS THE CHAMPIONSHIP! OR IF THEY LOSE (which they wont) It makes it sooooooo hard to focus, I just start thinking about whether or not Tyler Ulis can dunk yet (; or if Willie Cauley-Stein has gotten any sick new tattoos....Go Cats! I am excited they are doing well! Just send me a championship shirt ;)

This week has been busy! We were able to do missionary work Monday through Thursday! We saw a lot of miracles, we found this amazing man who I think I mentioned in my last email, he is from Nepal. He has been so prepared for the gospel, we taught him four lessons in five days! When we met him on the street he wanted to meet again, we didn't have to ask and he wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon. In the lessons he would ask us all these amazing questions about Christ, and we were able to testify about him. We were able to help him recognize the Holy Ghost and how it feels to him as well as how it can help him and guide him. We watched the Restoration video with him, and after he said he felt just so warm and that everything in him was moving, he said he felt the Guidance from the Lord. It was so amazing to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ change someone, at the end of the last lesson he said he wanted to be baptized!!! But he is moving to Tokyo, I am so sad to see him leave. But I think it is such a blessing that the Church is the same all around the world. The missionaries in Tokyo will teach him the same thing we would here and the same doctrine!

So on Friday we went up to Fukuoka (A four and a half our bus ride) because we had a big Ipad training with Elder Nelson. It was amazing to get to hear from an apostle of God! The Spirit he brings was so amazing. The whole mission is so excited to get Ipads and progress the work of the Lord in different and more effective ways! We should be getting them in about a month, they are going to be so amazing and sooo useful!

Then the next day after that we went to a District conference, and spent all that day in Kagoshima, it was a way fun trip! I felt so spiritually edified and I feel as if I grew a lot and learned a lot!! We stayed in other Elders apartments those two nights and there were 8 of us in an apartment that is made for 4 at a max. It was nice and tight! Way fun ;)

I love this gospel, and I love all of you so much! I hope that you are all planning on going to Church on Easter! Or on inviting someone! It will be such a great experience!!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

Family Email -

Can you believe I have been in Japan for a month already???? It goes by so fast! I have loved every minute and have grown so much and I hope I am changing for the better! I am doing a 40 day fast right now, I am not saying anything mean about anyone and not singing any worldly songs! I want to focus on the work 100 percent! I don't want to be distracted by worldly things! And I want to have the spirit of the Lord with me and I know that will come through being kind and positive to everyone!

I am also trying to find things in every missionary I meet to emulate so that I can improve to become the most effective and faithful servant of the Lord! There are so many amazing missionaries in this mission, and they have amazing faith and amazing work ethic that I want to emulate so that I can see miracles as they do! I want to be the greatest missionary I can be, and use the strengths I have been given as well as strengthen other things in my life and in my missionary work!

I know this Church is true, I have seen this gospel change lives already and bring people that comfort and peace that I am blessed to feel every single day. It is through the Lord that all of these things come to pass! How great of a blessing is that! I challenge you all to bring someone who is less active or not a member to church on Easter Sunday! That is the only birthday present I want! Share the gospel!

Love you all so much, I pray for all of you every night!


Elder Krebs

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