Tuesday, July 28, 2015

June 28, 2015

Hello everyone!

So every day this week has been around 90 degrees but it always says feels like 110 which is really fun! But with lots of work comes lots of miracles and blessings, this area is crazy hahahaha the people are so kind and it seems like everyone is willing and ready to accept the gospel, every door we knock on seems to be another person that is interested in God or wants to hear more about our message! It is also fun to see the people that we have found begin to progress and to teach them the lessons, before it was just getting to know them a lot and finding their interests so that we could help them the most. But now we are able to teach the lessons and help them learn about this gospel and then make the decision for themselves of if they want to receive it!

This week was way interesting, we had some pretty awesome moments! First I wanna give a rundown on our baptismal dates for right now! We have some amazing people that we are teaching that are progressing really really well. But our baptismal dates right now are a mom and her 15 year old son Misona and Yudai, he is a stud and is about 6`2" Se ga takai for a kid that age in japan. They are both way interested in the message and in being able to be baptized in the Church. The mom was more bimio before but she is way solid now and has gained a lot more interest as she learned more about the restoration. The son is a boss, his prayers are amazing, so heart felt he truly wants to know more about God and he is probably the most humble person I have ever met in my life. Our other baptismal date is Hayashi she is 23 years old and just the sweetest person, she really wants to understand God and learn more about Christ and why he is important, she had been baptized in another Christian church but didnt remember the name or anything else about it hahaha so we are really just teaching her all the lessons and she is just soaking it all in, she accepts it all and really believes it is true, she has been praying recently and it has really helped her life. She is so great and all 3 of our baptismal dates are really really solid!

On Friday we had service where we picked up trash and it was right next to a beach and Elder Lucas and I saw some crabs on the beach shore, but it isnt sand it is these rocks that have been put in there so little did Elder Lucas know as he was running towards the crabs to catch one (maybe to eat?) that the rocks at the bottom are slick from the water coming on them, and he biffed it and slid down right into the ocean but he kept his head above the water so he wasnt swimming. But he lost his hat and it was floating in the water, I felt like I should be a good companion and grab his hat, but little did I learn that the steps were slippery so I also biffed it and fell into the water...but I kept my head up. So no interviews with the mission president were necessary...thank goodness. ;) But never fear we were riding back home last night and there was a crab walking across the street...like 2 miles from the beach hahahaha so Elder Lucas ran over it with his bike so we beat satan in the end!

Egan kaicho replaces Gustafson kaicho this week in the Fukuoka mission, so there is lots of gossip and talking going all around the mission! It will be exciting to see how the mission changes because of the mission presidents changing, but I know that the Lord will continue to help this mission progress so that we can help build the Kingdom of God!

I just wanted to share a quick scripture to end, and that is Romans 8:31 it has given me more comfort than I think any other scripture I have read. it says "If God be for us, who can be against us" It has given me so much strength to go out and preach this gospel with unweariness no matter how much the people say they do not want to hear it we just have to be bold and loving and not worry about anything else because God is always with us, he is for us and he is supporting us every second of every day. So why does it matter if people are against us, we know we are on the winning team!

I love you all so much and hope you are doing well!

Elder Krebs

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