Friday, June 26, 2015

June 22, 2015

First off happy Father's Day to the greatest dad in the whole entire world!! He is the best example I ever could have had in my life! And I love him a ton, he is a great matcher of clothes, a hard worker, and also speaks a really cool language!

This week has been really great! It is transfers, this was a five week transfer because President Gustafson goes home and president Egan comes in this week! It is going to be a fun change for the mission and will be an interesting adjustment for the whole mission!

This week we saw miracles on miracles on miracles. And Elder Lucas and I are further learning about the Lord having a plan that is a lot better than ours. We have had a lot of appointments set up this week that people dropped or cancelled and so we had to go find new investigators or visit other investigators and from that we have seen some amazing things. We were able to find 12 new investigators, and were able to teach 10 lessons! It is amazing to see the Lord bless this area. We met with one investigator this week her name is Hayashi, she is 23 and has been baptized in another church, but doesn't remember anything about that church hahaha which is pretty normal here. She really wants to learn about Christ and why he was important. So we decided to teach her about Christ and why He is important, it went great to say the least. She accepted a baptismal date and is really excited to learn more! Blessings.

Elder Lucas and I are getting along great! We are not huge lovers of the heat, but the Lord blesses us most in the hardest times. Yesterday we were able to go visit a less active couple here In Ishigaki who own a mango farm. We went to see their farm and see if we could help, and we were able to sit and eat mangos that had just been picked. They were the most delicious things in the world. Holy cow. Background info, mangos in Japan are 10 dollars for one mango.. No joke. So we each ate one there plus some mini mangos, and then they gave us about five more and some more mini mangos. About 100 dollars worth of mangos in total. It was amazing. I loved every second and I am sure my mom is proud of me for eating fruit. I really am growing up here ;)

I love this work and I know this church is true! I love you all a ton! And hope you all are doing well. Shout out to my friends in the MTC right now! The Lord is hastening this work!

Love you all more than fresh mangos,

Elder Krebs

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