Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 25, 2015 TYPHOON

THIS WEEK WAS Crazy! We had a ginormous typhoon hit us on Sunday. It is the biggest this area has seen in 50 years the city got pretty destroyed so we were out all yesterday doing service so I am emailing a day later. I will send some pictures and videos later, it was pretty dangerous! Water started coming into our apartment and I had to get up every 30 minutes from 10:30 to 2:00 am to wring out towels and replace them. I was pretty pooped the next day but the apartment was safe so I feel blessed, and we had power all night which was way rare here almost no one did. We had a cool experience when the power went out for like 10 minutes we decided to pray that it would come back so we didn't sweat to death that night, we prayed and it came back like 10 seconds later and didn't go out again after it had been flickering all night before that. Lord truly knows us all and answers prayers even over a small thing like that. We had a mini sacrament meeting on the apartment since we couldn't go to church and it was a really great experience.

Clean up was crazy, the church got flooded, and it got flooded again today as well... But we got to go to a ton of investigators and members to help them!

Other than that though we had an amazing week, Yudai should be getting baptized next week! And we were able to meet with a man and his wife twice this week and made a baptismal date for 10/4 with them, the yabukis! They are amazing, he had received a Book of Mormon like 10 years ago but left it in his hometown, after we met once he had his family ship it down and he started reading it by himself and so did his wife, they have some amazing questions, and are really prepared to hear this message! They are so amazing, I am excited to help them progress and learn more about Christ, a missionaries calling is so amazing!! I am so blessed!

On Saturday we didn't know whether the typhoon would be coming so we planned a lot of proselyting time, so we were out for 7 hours knocking doors! It felt soooo good we haven't had much time to do that lately and it was a great experience! People in Japan are all so kind. I am grateful to be here! On Tuesday we were able to teach a lot of lessons! The lord blesses us as we keep working hard here and he really wants to see Ishigaki see success, so we will keep on pushing!

Love you all so much!


Elder Krebs

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