Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 6, 2015

This week was really great and we saw TONS of miracles! The first part of the week went really fast, we had a lot of random things that needed to get done around the area as well as this kind of volunteer missionary couple that has been helping us out here moved back to Sapporo this week :( Those first three days shot by so fast and then we hopped on a plane to go up to Naha for a conference with Elder Choir of the seventy. It was so fun to get to meet so many missionaries and get to know them after being with just the four elders here on Ishigaki for a while now! I had a lot of fun especially being with people who have been in Japan around the same time as me, since my apartments have been almost mainly older missionaries!

The conference was AMAZING! I can`t put into words, I went in with a lot of questions and ideas for how I can improve and it seemed like Elder Choi talked about every single one of them. He really helped me and I felt the whisperings of the spirit throughout and I truly felt enlightened from his council and from his words. He spoke a lot about elevating our thoughts and putting them as close to God`s as possible. How we can work our hardest and start with our thoughts which moves to actions, habits, characteristics, destiny. AKA Mrs. Holmes thing that she taught me all the time as a kid. It was fun to see that come back and how much it affected me at that time. Everything comes from our thoughts. We have to make our thoughts higher and more in line with the Lords and we can accomplish all things.

We got back late on friday night, and then saturday was pretty ridiculous! We taught five lessons! And we met with Yudai after what had been a while of not meeting, it turns out that since school has started he hasnt been able to get home until 8:30 at night and that schedule goes until the end of this month. Japanese school is absolutely ridiculous, they put those kids through so much.But he was way pumped to get to see us, we also got to teach the Yabukis who have a baptismal date on the fourth of october. AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH! In ishigaki one of the hardest things is church attendance and they both showed up fifteen minutes early! It was great to see them there, she even dressed up for it! It was also fun to see the Lords timing, as Elder Quinn got two flat tires that day and we were still able to meet with everyone somehow, as well as teach more lessons than we had planned for. I also ate raw fish that had been caught from the ocean an hour before, it was DELICIOUS! Japanese people are way nice and good at sharing their raw fish ;)

Sunday was great with the Yabukis coming to church, we also had a couple lessons and a lot of time to talk to people and make a few return appointments, it was a great experience for me to just continually see how much the Lord is blessing this area. I know that as we continue to work that the Lord will bless this area even more and slowly but surely many baptisms will come and many people will want to hear this message. But it has to come through us doing all of the small and simple things right now to bring that great thing to pass.

I love this work, and I love you all more than the new couch and washing machine we are getting today! Keep your thoughts elevated and enjoy life!


Elder Krebs

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