Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 14, 2016

What a week!!!

From a crazy hard week last week, to all kinds of miracles this week! I love the mission life, we were able to teach so much, and see so many people come closer to Christ, especially with a lot of progression with our two progressing investigators Ryo and Takashi!

Ryo has a problem with coming to church, because he works at a daycare and if he doesn't go on Sunday there aren't enough people to run the daycare :( it's for the kids....but it is way hard! He expressed a desire to be baptized, and said he saw himself progressing and said he felt changes in his life, in a really good way! So we are going to make it so he can testify strongly about God and Jesus Christ and then help him understand how important coming to church is!

And Takashi was great, we had a lesson with a member there who was awesome, she is friends with his mom and just straight up asked him and taught him through why he needs to be baptized as well as the blessings, and he just lit up, he wants to be baptized so much but is scared to ask his parents. It is so cool to see him progressing, he has such strong faith for such a young kid! But he wants baptism enough so he is going to talk to his parents for permission so please pray for him!!

We had a way fun time this week as I went on splits with an elder that I had been in the MTC with, he is a stud! We saw a ton of miracles and were able to accomplish a lot in that day which was way exciting!

Elder Hanley is doing great, getting fluent at Japanese and going out and working hard, we worked as hard as we could this week and definitely saw the miracles come in from it, we are excited for this week as Elder Yamashita of our area presidency is coming to the mission! We are gonna get some knowledge dropped on us! I am way excited, I have definitely felt the need to change and improve to the next level In a lot of areas, so I am excited to go in and learn from him and the spirit!

This week I have been thinking a lot about commandments, and why we have them, because we had a hard experience with this man who was just amazing, HE asked us for a Book of Mormon, and talked about how it was so amazing because we met him at a time when he really needed to rely on God and was thinking a lot about it, and then we went back and during his studies in between (where he read a ton of the Book of Mormon) and other things he learned about the word of wisdom, and no matter what we said he said it was Impossible, he didn't have enough faith in himself, he had given in to the fact that he would always be addicted to tobacco and drinking, and no matter what he couldn't give it up. It was so sad, we tried everything and prayed with him. But it made me so sad that he got rid of an amazing chance to figure out if God is there because of that one commandment. But as I thought and studied and prayed, I realized that that is way, because many are called but few are chosen. If we think the commandments are too strict then we don't understand why they are there, especially as missionaries with a white handbook full of commandments. They are all there for a reason. And they are from a Heavenly Father. I know that is true!

I love you all,

Elder Krebs


A special Valentine message for friends and family!


I have been thinking about Christ's love a lot recently, and how much he cares. And especially Gods love for us, as our Heavenly Father. And how he loved us enough to send his only begotten son, and His son loved us enough to sacrifice his life for us, there is no greater love in this world. I am so grateful for that love and what it does for me in my life, and to be able to feel that love for everyone I talk with. I can feel Gods love for everyone I talk with whether they are yelling at me to leave, or if they are accepting what I am saying! #Love!

I love you all so much and cannot thank you enough for the love you show me and all of your support! You all are the bees knees!!!


Elder Krebs

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