Sunday, February 21, 2016

January 26, 2016

A wintery week in the tundra of Yamaguchi! But it was fun to see the Lords hand as lots of snow here forced us to change our plans and see miracles!!

I will be.....STAYING! But elder Rawlinson will be leaving :(((( I will be blessed though with the opportunity to work with another new missionary from America! And get to learn again from his faith and awesomeness! I still don't have a name though, so just wait for next weeks email!

So last Wednesday we went on splits in yanai which was a blast and a half! I went with Elder Warr! I stellar missionary, who knows how to never take himself to seriously and it was just a fun day cause he never got down or sad once! That is a trait I went to emulate for sure!

Then we just dendoed in Yamaguchi! It was a lot of appointments falling through because of cold weather and other things. But the Lord blessed us in a lot of different ways! Especially with just a lot of peace and comfort that he blessed us with, in what might have been a difficult week without it! And some fun snow which definitely got me pumped up and ready to go!

We saw an awesome miracle on Sunday, it was practically a blizzard and so before we went out to proselyte we both decided to only stop people on the way to the apartments we were going to if they were bundled up nice and warm so that we didn't cause people to freeze to death because of Japanese politeness. But there was one guy on the way that without even thinking we both stopped! Turns out he is Chinese, and is here for the week but is coming back in April, he lived in Tokyo for two years and went to church all the time, and loves the missionary and when we asked him what he thought about the church he said "it is so amazing!" So when he comes back again in April we are totally gonna party it up with Ryu!

Other than that not much went down, I am way sad to be leaving elder Rawlinson, he has been an amazing help for me and exactly what I needed these past two transfers! Put the Lord has a much bigger plan at all times! We just follow along, it's like a super fun waterslide!

I love you all so much, and hope you are well!

Elder Krebs!

Ps. Shout out to an amazing family for a fun new suit!!!

Sadly my shoes aren't waterproof so we tried something new...and it totally worked! I am gaining an innovative mind on my mission ;) #SeranWrapFeet

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