Thursday, September 22, 2016

August 26, 2016

Transfer week hahahahahaha not much more to say it was pretty crazy! Big mission makes it easy for a lot of people to get lost no matter what precautions we take but it always works out in the end! Have to love the Lord's plan! I have learned that a lot recently, just strengthening my trust in the Lord and his plan rather than what I want and my plan.

This week has gone by pretty fast! I absolutely love my companion, he is the best, and we work well together, always pushing to improve and do all that we can to serve. He is constantly trying to serve and help others always. It is a good example.

This week we were WAY blessed to be able to watch the temple dedication of the Sapporo temple. It is so amazing to have a 3rd temple here in Japan and truly see the Lord's work progressing at such a fast rate! It was also awesome to see a member of the Quorom of the 12 of apostles speaking Japanese! Elder Stevenson has a special place in the hearts of a lot of the people here in Japan.

I have been studying a lot on consecration this week, and what it means. As a missionary we have so many rules and things that sometimes make it easy for us to think that as long as we follow those we are consecrated. And that is what I thought for a while, but throughout my mission I have seen that true consecration to the Lord means giving him everything. Focusing every bit of ourselves towards serving the Lord and building up his kingdom. As we forget ourselves and make Christ the center of our life we will gain so much peace and happiness. I am no where near perfect, but I know that every day through striving and through repenting anyone can improve. Even slow learners like me ;)

I absolutely LOVE Japan, I feel so blessed to be here. These are a special people, and I absolutely love everything about them. Feeling pretty blessed!

Thank you so much for all of your love,

Elder Krebs

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