Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 11, 2016

This week has been a party, we have been out of Fukuoka all week traveling, it has been great. I am excited to get back tonight and sleep in my own futon again :)

I just love what is happening in the work here! We have found so many prepared people recently. I have been focusing again on the aspect of faith and just having a belief that through Christ we can do all things, including find new investigators. And just the change in my mindset has changed everything! I feel so much happier every day, and just free. I know that Christ's atonement and faith can change anyone's lives!

I feel so lucky to have an amazing companion who is an awesome example to me. I have been blessed to learn from him so much this past few weeks, and am excited to keep learning from him. Elder Yamanashi is THE man! He is learning to love driving hahahahaha this week we had to drive to help open up a new apartment, and I had him drive the way back to practice. It was the first time he had ever driven on a free way, it was pretty exciting to say the least. But we made it safe and everyone grew because of it :)

Love this work, love Japan!

Elder Krebs

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