Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15, 2014

Wowzers! Can you believe it has been a month already???? Cause I can't! It has been such a great month, and I have grown so much! The MTC is gr8!

So remember how all the older Japanese in our zone left? So we were supposed to get 2 new districts of little baby Japanese students? Well we didn't get any!! So our zone is just our district for the next 2 weeks! 8 of us in our whole zone hahahahaha sacrament meeting is gonna be barren!

This week was unique! My poor companion has been sick all week :( so we spent a lot of time in the residency! It was a good time to study by myself and work on things with the language I was struggling on as well as do a lot of scripture study! But it was so hard just sitting around not doing much, feeling like I wasn't accomplishing a lot! He seems to be doing a lot better with just a sore throat now! (Mom if you wanna send your secret medicine go on ahead ;))

Elder Nelson came and spoke to us! He gave a great talk about just mission tips mainly! It was intriguing! He gave a lot of great scriptures to us to help us and to guide us through missionary assignments! It was awesome to hear him again and feel of his amazing spirit, he has a strong testimony of the gospel! His wife gave a talk that I really loved, she spoke about always being desperate on our mission. Desperate to find the next investigator, desperate to help our investigators find the truth for themselves. She said the word desperate about 300 times in 5 minutes I think :)

P-days are so much fun I love getting emails from everyone and reading about everyone's lives! Plus we get to go to the temple on P-days!!

My companion and I's lessons get better every time, the MTC is so helpful for teaching us the gospel principles and applying them in our teaching. It is weird that even though I know that the people we are teaching are our teachers it still feels like they are real investigators and I truly want them to understand what we are teaching in our broken Japanese, it is stressful but helpful! I just need to be more desperate for them to understand!

Hope everyone is doing well! I love you so much!

Elder Krebs

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