Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 8, 2014


Iesu Kirisuto no fukuin shinjitsu da to shitte imasu. inori o toshite heian o kanjiru koto go dekiru to akashi shimasu.

I am loving this work!! I have truly started to love learning Japanese and love being able to study and learn new vocab and grammar structures! I am working as hard as I can to learn the language, and I know that if I put in 100% to learn the language the Lord will put in 100% to help me learn the language as well! I know that I could not have learned as much as I have without the Lord's help.

Last week was amazing, I learned a lot. There was a lot of trials and some rough lessons but I think I learned a lot from them and was able to grow because of them. We had Sister Oscarson come and talk to us (president of young women) and she talked a lot about sometimes the Lord gives us trials because he knows that it will help us, even if at that time we don't think that it could possibly benefit us.

I am loving my companion and working with him! During one of our lessons this week (we teach our teachers, and they pretend to be people they taught on their mission) I was saying a closing prayer, and I said "Please bless kuwahara (his name) and in the middle of the prayer after I said that he just said "arigato gozaimasu" or "thankyou very much" and my companion just started busting out laughing halfway through the prayer. It took all the resolve I had just to finish the prayer hahahahaha.

So this week I knew that Elder Samuel Bolton Halterman was coming into the MTC, and my district was randomly picked to be hosts to the new elders and sisters coming into the MTC! So I was praying that I would get to be his host and be the first person he would see at the MTC. And who was in the first car to pull up to me to host but Elder Halterman! It was a tender mercy of the Lord and sooo much fun to be able to talk with him again! He's such an amazing person!!

This week I got made a zone leader, which is really weird right now because the senpai, or older missionaries going to Japan, are still here until Monday. It is very unique interviewing those District Leaders because it is mainly me asking them for advice and learning from them. I am going to miss all our senpai so much! They have been so much fun and we have grown really close! Luckily most of them are going to Fukuoka as well so I should see them pretty often! We get a new district of 10 or 12 missionaries next Wednesday though!! So it will be awesome to be able to help them and get to know them!

I hope everyone is doing well! I love getting everyone's emails and reading them! So good to know UK Basketball is still number one!

Hope all is well!

Elder Krebs

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