Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 1, 2014

Happy new year to everyone!!! This week has been phenomenal in the MTC, I have learned a lot both spiritually and in Japanese plus we had some amazing devotionals!!

On Christmas Day Elder Nelson came and talked to the missionaries which was so amazing! He spoke on the doctrine of Christ for most of the time and the different aspects of how he taught and why his doctrine is true! It really strengthened my testimony on the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it truly is the perfect gospel his plan for us is so beautiful and so simple yet it covers all things. His wife gave a beautiful talk on making every day Christmas by turning our lives towards Christ and finding that Joy every day! What an amazing blessing it is to know of this and to be able to go teach others about it for the next two years!

Christmas in the MTC was pretty amazing, I truly felt the spirit the whole day and it put a whole new feeling to Christmas. It truly is about Christ, and that is something that was very obvious to me as I went throughout the day. I did miss getting to see my family and open presents and spend time with everyone, but I still ate an orange that morning albeit a chocolate one... ;)

That next sunday was an especially amazing one, we learned about the gift of the Holy Ghost all throughout church, and I was able to really learn many aspects of how the Holy Ghost (seirei) affects us. Then that night we had a devotional with DAVID ARCHULETA! He came and sang to all the missionaries with the organist for motab playing as well, it was so amazing. He has such a beautiful voice, and you could really feel his testimony as he sang.

I read Alma 5 the other day in class and I couldn't stop humming the song of Cumorah all day, and then I ran into Sam and Julia Cox in the MTC cafeteria (they work there) and it was such a good experience to see them and remember those amazing memories of the pageant experiences!

I am feeling solid on the language, as solid as two weeks of learning will allow at least! Each lesson that we teach is better and we are able to get away from the books of nihongo to us actually saying what we want to say! I am feeling just great, most everyone in my district got sick but I was able to stay healthy somehow! Speaking of my district, we are getting a new member tomorrow! There was a shimai (sister) who came into the MTC yesterday and was placed in a district of Nihonjin (native japanese) accidentally so she will be joining our district. I feel bad for her because she will be two weeks behind but I know that she will be able to catch up and do well!

My favorite time of the day here is personal study! I love being able to study the scriptures and try to find things for my investigator that will help him progress. I have been spending a lot of time studying Jesus the Christ and it has grown my testimony on the savior so much! My goal is to finish it today so we will see how I do!! Everyone in my district is going to Fukuoka on the same day as me! And most of the older Elders in our zone our going to Fukuoka as well!

Hope you all had an amazing new year!

Ai shite imasu,
Elder Krebs

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