Tuesday, May 12, 2015

April 19, 2015

There is no doubt this is the Lord's work!!!

This week has just been absolutely ridiculous! I cannot believe it still, the miracles we have seen have been amazing, and has helped my faith grow so much!

So we were able to set up THREE baptismal dates this week! THREE! These people have been prepared by the Lord. It is through the Lord that all of these things are possible, it has been amazing to see them grow and progress, I can feel the Lords love for them as they come closer to him, and learn about Christ and who he is to them, and why He is so important in their life. It has been so great to see them want to change, to realize the people that they can become!

The most amazing thing happened yesterday (sunday) So we get to Church, and then right at the end of sacrament meeting this man walks in. We start talking with him and he is a former investigator, he had learned about the Church and then decided not to learn any more, we were talking with him, and he said he prayed last night to receive help and to change his life. He then had a dream with a whiteboard and the church times and the church name. So when he woke up he came to Church! We were able to teach him and able to invite him to come closer to Christ through baptism. and he said he wanted to be baptized and wanted to change and come closer to Christ to become a better person and more like the savior!!! It was so amazing, the Lord knows all of his children. He knows exactly what they need and he knew that tsuzubara san needed the Church at this time! Everyone is being prepared to hear the gospel, we just have to help them find it!

The rest of this week was amazing as well, we were able to go to a zone training on Thursday, which was great! Our zone leaders are fantastic, and great examples of the kinds of missionaries we should all be. We have some crazy big goals for this transfer but we know that if we work in faith and try our hardest we will be blessed by the Lord to accomplish our goals!

Tomorrow we have a big training with President Gustafson (sp?) and we recieve our Ipads!!! We are so excited to have them to help the missionary work, and for all of the wonderful resources they have! But it is a huge responsibility to have them and we understand that!

So this week the other Elders had a hilarious experience! They were talking to this man about to get on a bus, and the man said he was blind but that he had to go because the bus was getting there. And Elder Jameson our fearless district leader, handed him one of our fliers for our weekly english class. And the man just handed it back and said "I am blind" hahahahahahahahahahahaha needless to say we need to get some brail fliers just in case.

I love the Lord, and I know this is his work. His hand is in everything that we do! I pray for all of my friends and family every night, I hope you are all doing well! GOOD LUCK ON FINALS TO ANYONE TAKING THEM! YOU CAN DO IT!

Love you all

Elder Krebs

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