Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 10, 2015


What an amazing week!! My testimony this week was strengthened on member present lessons! Members are amazing!!! This week we met with our new investigator Tsuda, who had been a previous investigator but they found last week! He is reallllly hard to focus though, he just talks about history and math. But on Monday we brought a member, and this member just was amazing he is an older member who has been a temple president and worked in the temple for 10 years!  He just told our investigator about eternal families and how he can be with his family for ever and do their ordinances because they have all passed away. And Tsuda basically asked us what time he could get baptized on the 6th hahahaha he is soooo amazing and is so set on getting baptized our other lesson with him this week he told us that he feels that through the lord he can do anything! He came to church - which was a miracle!

We had another member present the next day with our investigator Akio the 17 year old! And we brought kouta who was just baptized and it was amazing, they connected really well. Having members is so helpful because they can relate to what the investigators are going through! Because they grew up in the same culture and were mostly converts it is just so amazing!!

I just love this work! We had so much fun this week!! We saw so many miracles we had a great experience where we decided to fast to find new investigators because our pool of people to teach was getting kind of low! And we were able to find two new investigators and had a ton of amazing contacts. It was really great I love being able to see people come closer to the Lord! And seeing how they change as they come closer to him and learn about him!

I just feel so blessed to be serving in this area! We see miracles every single day I wish I had time to tell you all about them!

I love you all so much and I pray for you all every day, I hope everyone is doing well!!


Elder Krebs

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