Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 3, 2015

This week went by ridiculously fast....I swear I was just sending emails from last week!!

We had soooo much fun this week, and saw so many miracles!! We didn't have as much time to do missionary work this week as in teaching appointments and knocking and talking to people because we had two HUGE activities with the wards and stakes! We had a huge sports activity on Wednesday that was really great!! There were about 200 people there! We played all kinds of sports, someone brought a football so we had some fun with that! Did all kinds of races and relays it was just a great day and the whether was PERFECT! I got a little red but nothing too bad! Of course the Miyazaki branch won the whole thing!!! I will send pictures In a little bit!

Then on Saturday we had a huge ward BBQ at the beach! It was amazing!! We were able to have 6 investigators come! And a few Less active members! It was so great to see them enjoying themselves and meeting all the amazing ward members and building great relationships! I felt so blessed to able to have the opportunity to have the BBQ. Akio and I took some kids on in basketball and beat them. They have actually started calling me the John Wall of Miyazaki ;) hahahahahaha I wish...

It was a really sunny day for the beach BBQ...and we were out in the sun from 10:00-5:00 because during the BBQ Elder Crawford got a flat tire hahahaha so we had to walk an hour and a half to get it to the bike shop to get the tire fixed. It was way fun we met some really nice people on the way and saw some miracles. We are gonna try to do flat tire missionary work more often ;) but because of all the sun we both got roasted. Hahahaha I will send a picture. The sun turned me into a cherry blossom. But it was so worth it! That BBQ was the miracle of the week just getting to meet with so many investigators. Some who were having some trouble but really just loved the activity!!

I love this work so much, I gained a really strong testimony of fasting yesterday! It was such a great day of feeling the spirit so strongly all day and really focusing on what is most important not other random things!! I feel so blessed to be a servant of the Lord Jesus the Christ. And I am grateful for the opportunity to be in Japan serving these amazing people and inviting them to come closer to their Lord and Savior! What an amazing opportunity!!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

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