Thursday, November 12, 2015

October 6, 2015


Well first off, a big shout out to the Japan Fukuoka Mission alumni Elder Stevenson for becoming a member of the quorom of the twelve apostles. #BestMission We were excited to hear that and hope that he will come visit us soon. All the branch here was excited because most of them met him a couple years ago when he came to our mission!

This week has been AMAZING! The area was kind of slow so I wanted to just go out and find people to teach and to talk to. So we did that. A lot of it. It was amazing! We saw all kinds of crazy miracles every single day! And the people who we are able to teach has sky rocketed and we just see more miracles every day as our faith grows! I love sendai so much!

The biggest miracle this week was Roel and Paul, we met them my first week here and they are studs. They are from the Philippines, they speak a little english and a little japanese and are golden. They want to be baptized so bad, we were worried mainly because of the language barrier though, and so we were praying and thinking about it. And who shows up to church that sunday but Micheal a man from the Philippines, he is a member and is here for the month. We made baptismal dates for them on 11/7 so it is perfect. He is going to be able to teach them with us every sunday until their baptism. LIKE WHAT THE HECK! Heavenly Father just plopped him right there for us. #MIRACLES

We were also able to meet an amazing lady named Hidaka, she is way prepared and let us in and we were able to teach a lesson the first time we met her, she wants to learn more and apply it to her life. And when we gave her the Book of Mormon she was flipping out, and was so happy and asked us if we could come back soon to answer the questions she will have after she reads from it. hahahaha we said yes we would come back for sure. 

I love elder Malone and his beautiful Japanese that keeps me from looking like an idiot, we have already seen this area start to see a lot of success. And it is only going to continue and grow from here until we are having baptisms every week!!! I know that this area can grow every week, and that the Lord will lead us to the people we are supposed to meet, as long as we are worthy and work our little butts off. 

It is finally starting to cool down a little bit! Glad I will probably be down south here for the winter so that will be way nice! I love this work, I feel so blessed for everything the Lord has given me. I will never be able to repay him for it, but I can definitely work my hardest every day and give him every second of these two years. 

Love you all tons,

Elder Krebs

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