Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 8, 2015

What a whitewashing wacky week...WOW!

Hello everyone, don't worry as well as still having my sense of humor I still remember how to alliterate well...

This week was a blast! And way crazy! We had a fun day on Wednesday saying goodbye to everyone and finishing packing. The Sendai branch is amazing, I was only there 6 weeks and when I left that made it seem like I had been there forever. I was so glad for the opportunity to work with them and see so many miracles in the beautiful place of Sendai! But I am excited to move on to the next place the Lord wants me to go to....


My new companion is elder Rawlinsom from fairview, Utah. Population: 1,400. He is AMAZING. He is so ready to go, and willing to do anything for the work. He wants to improve, and wants to work as hard as possible to see miracles here! He has already strengthened my faith so much over these past few days and I know I will learn more from him this transfer! We have seen some crazy miracles including teaching the most prepared 11 year old in the history of the world...this kid is crazy. He is a friend of a members son who has come to church a couple times and she asked us to try teaching a lesson...kid is crazy. His first question was "why did the people build the Tower of Babel and why did God confound the languages??" It was an intense lesson and he felt the spirit and recognized it super well. It was a pretty crazy experience. And hopefully as we work in faith him and his whole family will be able to be baptized!!

We are going to be working a lot finding new investigators out here in yamaGUCCI. We whitewashed in and I will admit it was kind of discouraging seeing the completely blank area book. But Elder Rawlinson just said "let's get to work and fill it up" so that's what we are going to do! Our motto for the transfer is "Let's go swimming!" Meaning we are gonna build our investigator pool nice and big little by little through our hard work and receiving lots of help from Heavenly Father.

Love you all so much!

Elder Krebs

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