Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 6, 2016

There is no way that it has been a week hahahahaha 信じられない!

Fastest week of my whole entire life...but also very rewarding! We had a pretty exciting week because of a typhoon that has been roaming around the mission...on transfer week. COME ON MR. TYPHOON! He could have come at any other time....but he had to come on transfer week! Oh well :) 

I learned a lot about planning this week, and making back up plans, and back up for back up plans. It was way fun! PLANS ARE AWESOME! We had 18 of the coolest new missionaries in the world come in this week! I love seeing new missionaries and their faith and excitement for the work, it increases my desire and faith in missionary work every single time! They are so humble, and willing to learn and willing to submit to their Heavenly Father and do anything, it is a wonderful example to me!

The good news is that miraculously the typhoon that was supposed to be a category 4 going straight at Fukuoka, decided to take a turn towards Korea...our prayers must have been stronger than theirs ;) It also weakened a TON, so there was basically no impact here. And now I am praying that everyone in Korea is very safe, I hope it wasn't their transfer week!

Our area is doing great, one of our former investigators who we taught for a while and had to pass because he was in a different area is getting baptized soon! And we have been able to start working with a couple other people! The Lord is constantly blessing us! 

I am SUPER excited for general conference! It is going to be tomorrow and Sunday here! WOW! I just love the opportunity to receive personal advice, and training from Prophets and Apostles, I am pushing right now to every day deepen my faith and testimony and I know that this will be an amazing opportunity!

I LOVE JAPAN! I love the people, I love this work, and I love the Lord!!

Thanks for all of your amazing advice and guidance to me in all of your emails! I definitely need it!

Elder Krebs

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