Wednesday, November 2, 2016

September 25, 2016

What a week! Got to go to heaven on earth at the beginning of this week! #OKINAWA

I absolutely love getting to go down to the islands! Got to go on splits with our beloved Elder Gorski, and our young blood, cold stone killer Elder Hardy! They were both AMAZING! I absolutely love talking to the people down there, they are so different from Japanese people hahahaha We saw some amazing miracles! With Elder Hardy we met just a ton of people that were way interested, the Lord was definitely guiding us, we made an effort to focus on our faith and following all promptings from the Spirit, and it was super effective. Go figure ;) 

We got back on Wednesday and it was go go go from there on out, doing all kinds of fun stuff. But it has started slowing down again a little bit here, which is way nice :)

I just wanna testify about the power of work. My favorite quote in PMG is from Elder Benson where he says "Work, work, work,- there is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work" Pg. 121. I know that it is true, not just in missionary work but in life! I have learned that every single day on my mission. I have been focusing on putting in every single bit of effort to the work, to having faith, to following the Spirit. I have seen myself change little by little, and I know that Heavenly Father loves us and sees the effort that we all make every single day. He is waiting to bless us, and we can see those blessings as we work at improving ourselves every single day. All thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ. WOW THIS GOSPEL ROCKS! I Absolutely love getting to share this with the amazing people in Japan. 

Companion is still an angel! Life is still amazing! AND I AM ALWAYS HAPPY!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

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