Tuesday, December 13, 2016

November 7, 2016

What a wonderful week in the crib!!

We have had some way cool miracles!! I will start with kouki and his dad! So we were out proselyting the other night and we felt like we should do a specific apartment with the the 5 minutes we had left! So we ran to the fourth floor last door ;) and knocked, this man came out who had met with missionaries 30 years ago and LOVED them! Said he had been waiting to meet them for forever and was excited that we had finally come over, we gave him the Book of Mormon and it was awesome! So we went back yesterday and he was a little crazy...he was talking about all kinds of interesting stuff and we were pretty sad, but my amazing companion elder Yamanashi asked if his son in the other room might want to listen! And the dad brought him out and he was AWESOME! 22 years old, way cool. Plays basketball immediately connected and he was interested as well! The Lord works in mysterious ways! Long story, awesome miracle!! :)

I absolutely love Fukuoka and being a missionary! Can't thank the Lord enough for everything that I have been able to learn! And I pray every day that I can begin to apply everything I have learned and use the atonement of Christ in my life to help change many of my weaknesses into strengths! I love this work! I know that God is our Heavenly Father and has given us more in our lives than we could ever repay him for, if we just stop and think about everything he has given us (especially a Halloween package from Mom and Dad) than we realize how important our relationship with Heavenly Father is!

This church is true! 

Have a fantastic week!!


Elder Krebs

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