Thursday, June 11, 2015

May 18, 2015

This week was wayyyyy fun! We had a crazy fun p-day after emails!! We have this really nice man in our building who we always talk to he is really funny and has been everywhere in the world! To be 100 percent honest I don't know his name ha hahahahahaha none us us really do. But he offered to take us to this huge suspension bridge! It was soooo beautiful!! I will send the pictures but it was a blast and a half :)

The rest of the week was pretty normal!! Just going out and working hard we found a few really great solid new investigators to begin to teach including one named yoshinaga!! He is so amazing and has so much interest in wanting to learn about Christ and his church!!

So here is the first huge miracle! So on Tuesday we went to lunch with the other elders investigator and we got separated from them on the way there and we were at a street corner and these two like 25 year old kids walked up to us, and in perfect English [score] one of them said "hey are you Mormons??" We of course replied yes and he said "I am too!" We both were just shocked hahahahaha apparently he had gone to school in Idaho for a while and joined the church then came back to Miyazaki 3 years ago and never knew were the church was cause he was far away down south but is now living up here with his twin brother! Who we do not think is a member!! Like what????????? How amazing is that?? I feel so blessed that the Lord put us in his path and we pray every day that he will start having that interest and coming back to church!!

The second is that we finally had the word of wisdom lesson with Tsuda! He committed to quit smoking and then we went back to check the next day to see how he was doing with it and he had started smoking again *frowny face* so we made a plan for him to use two less every single day. And we were feeling way good about it, we went to check up two days later cause he was busy the next day we get there and asked him how he was doing with his goal, and he said he hadn't smoked since we left!!!!

On Saturday we had a great experience of being able to do service for a 94 year old man in our ward! He lives about an hour away and we were cleaning up his garden! It was way fun! It was pretty overgrown! But it was good to do some manual labor! And build some good relationships with the ward members!

On Sunday we had a BAPTISM! Kind of, the sisters in the area over from us have an investigator who's mom would only let her get baptized and attend church in Miyazaki because he mom doesn't like the members in their ward. So she got baptized here on Sunday! It was a really great experience we were able to have two of our investigators attend and they had a great experience the spirit felt at baptismal services are so amazing I love seeing someone change their lives like that! What an amazing opportunity to come closer and return to the Lord!

I love this church!!! I have seen so many miracles here. And I I feel so blessed every single day!

I am so grateful for my Mom, and for all the moms out there!!

I love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

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