Friday, June 26, 2015

June 14, 2015


This week was way great! We didnt have as much time to dendo (missionary work) as usual since we went to the real okinawa to have interviews with President Gustafson, it is the last time I will ever see him as he goes home in two weeks. Our new president President Egan comes and takes over then, I am excited for the change! Interviews were great, President Gustafson is an amazing man who taught me a lot in just a little time about ways that I can improve!

We flew to Naha and got back all in less than 24 hours! It was pretty crazy! Way fun though, good to see other missionaries, I was able to see a couple from my MTC district who I havent seen since I got here! 

This week we had an amazing miracle! We were dendoing in one area that we had chosen the night before, and both felt inspired to go to. And as we were knocking on doors over there one lady opened her door and started talking to us, she was about 35 and we were having a normal contact when she just said "I have been baptized" hahahahah we both just looked at each other and were like whaaat. She had been baptized in Naha 8 years ago, and then went less active. her name is Oshiro, she is amazing! We were able to meet with her again, she is really kind and has a great family! We are excited to help her find and understand again the things that she learned about before!

This week we were also able to see another huge miracle of being able to meet with the Taira family. He is the 15 year old who is way good at basketball! We met with him and his mom and were able to teach the lesson and just testify about how much this gospel has helped our lives. We then talked about the reasons why we are here, to help them find the happiness that we have been able to recieve in our lives. We were able to make baptismal dates with both of them, and they were both excited and said yes immediately! The Lord has truly touched their hearts, the spirit was so strong in the lesson and I am so grateful for the Lord and the blessings he is giving this wonderful area!

We also ate a TOWER BURGER this week, it is as awesome as it sounds! all capitals doesn't even do it justice...We went to a restaurant in Naha that advertised american food and they did not disappoint. It was delicious and huge and beautiful. I will send pictures later. 

I love this area and this work. I know this Church is true and my testimony is strengthened every single day as I feel the love of the Lord for all the people in this beautiful area. I am so blessed to be a missionary of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ in these days and I pray every single day that I can find the people that He wants me to find!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

I had a cool experience this week of learning more about Levi Ward Hancock and zions camp, could you send me some more information on him. It really piqued my interest on learning about him, and how grateful I am for him and his hard work. It is because of him that a lot of our family is still members. My companion has a cool card about everyone that was called on missions at the same time as him. And out of the around 50 called, he is one of 10 who stayed faithful i am grateful for him!

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