Thursday, June 11, 2015

May 25, 2015


I got transferred from Miyazaki but I got transferred to ISHIGAKI! It is a tiny island as far south as you can go in Japan with a population of around 60,000! It is HOT here! Hahahaha and way humid but I am really excited to serve here and give it my all! There is still so much I have to get better at as a missionary and I hope to do that here and continually improve! My companion is elder Lucas he is a stud, before this area he was a zone leader, and he is just an all around great missionary and person! I am really going to be able to learn a lot from Him!

The travel here was crazy I had to take a bus to Fukuoka with three missionaries that were going home at the end of their missions and they were all crying the whole way then I had a flight down to Okinawa and apparently in Japan carry ons are I had to take out a lot of weight to get the price down. Then from Okinawa I flew to ishigaki! It was a busy day and I was excited to get there! It was rainy and hot when I arrived! On the plane I was reading in the Book of Mormon about trials by fire and things such as that and I figured it was a good sign for what it would be like down here in Ishigaki so my motto here is #TrialByFire

Elder Lucas and I have already seen so much success and miracles here! We were able to find 6 new investigators and a lot of Potential investigators! It has been amazing to see the work already progressing so much here. Before me in this area was my MTC companion elder. VanAlfen him and elder Lucas did great and so I came into a really good position here! The branch here is smaller but still really great we have a few young families which is really a blessing and it has a lot of potential to grow a lot :)

It is rainy season here, and that means rainy it has rained hard every day since I have arrived here! And I wouldn't want anything else, it has been a great experience and a lot of fun to do missionary work in! I really love this area and am so excited and feel so blessed to be serving here! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for the island of Ishigaki!!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

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