Friday, June 26, 2015

May 31, 2015


What a wonderful sound. This is the land of miracles, and humidity, and lots of men in underwear!

First we start with miracles because that is always the most important! Elder Lucas and I have been so blessed here with being able to find people to teach, this area has really struggled lately, it is a small island with not that many people, but God always has people prepared to recieve this message. Since I got here a week and a half ago we have found 14 new investigators! 14!! I didn`t get that many in the whole transfer in Miyazaki! Yesterday alone we found four amazing people including some young families! It has been such a blessing from the Lord! I really love this area.

So ishigaki is what some may call very hot and very humid. It is about 90 degrees with humidity that is just like home in the summer! Lots of sweat! But I love it. I have never sweated this much in my life, but I know that it is all for the Lord so it is all worth it! The work is so amazing, and the ward is awesome! It is a smaller ward but there are some really great young families and it is awesome! so so so kind. they are all really loving and help me a lot!

We had a great experience of being able to have one of the kids in the ward getting baptized on saturday and since we are on an island we do BEACH BAPTISMS! It was soooo gorgeous! I loved every single second!

Elder Lucas is an awesome missionary from the big old Kaysville Utah! He is an amazing missionary, the Lord is definitely blessing me with great companions, he knows that I need all of the help I can get, and I am so grateful for that help from the Lord! He has a great thing that we do every night where we list the miracles we saw every single day, and it is amazing to write out all the amazing blessings we recieved from the Lord that day. It really helps us bring the spirit into the room before planning and helps us give the lord thanks for everything he has given us in this area!

So we have two Japanese elders in our apartment which is great for my language! but they always get mad because for some reason us being white guys who are sweating a lot and knocking on their doors, people give us food ALL the time! it is wonderful! But the Japanese elders get mad all the time because people never give them anything hahahahahahaha this week we got a bag of chocolate, Ishigaki pineapples which are the greatest things I have ever eaten, and the guy gave us about 30 dollars worth of them. And a lot of other random stuff from people. The Japanese people are the nicest people in the whole entire world!

I am so grateful for this area, my companion, and for the Lord allowing me to come here and experience this, it is going to help me grow a lot and I am feeling really blessed!! I LOVE THIS WORK!

Elder Krebs

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