Friday, June 26, 2015

June 7, 2015

First off thank you to the Tates Creek youth for the letter! It was awesome, I hope everyone in Kentucky is doing well! And not going too crazy over the triple crown, which once again proves my theory that all a horse needs is a way cool name to be good at horse racing...I mean American Pharaoh. Come was he not gonna win the triple crown. I also can not wait to drive down American Pharaoh ave. in Kentucky in 2 years ;)

As me and my companion say at least 16 times each day, it is hotter than hades down here! But it is amazing for the work because when it gets hot people literally just leave their doors open so they have no choice but to talk to the two white guys walking around their neighbor hood it is either that or sweat to death! #blessings

But that also leads to us talking to about 10 guys in just underwear and no shirt every single day. As long as they are prepared by the Lord I couldn`t care less! This week we saw so many miracles in the form of people starting to truly progress closer to the Lord, since we have gotten here it has the feel of a white washed area, but the Lord has blessed us with so many people to talk to and people who have truly been prepared by him to hear this gospel, so we have finally been able to get a lot of those people who we found these past few weeks to begin to really get into the lessons and see the blessings they can receive from it. The lessons have really been guided by the spirit, and we feel so grateful to have had all the opportunities to teach! We were able to have 13 lessons last week, the Lord has blessed us more than I can imagine.

So this week the Lord taught Elder Lucas and I a lesson on faith! So we had an appointment a way iffy appointment that we set up at 10 AM on saturday because that is the only time he could meet, neither of us thought he would really be there because he was really weird during the contact so we did not know if we would be going since it was right in the middle of study time and far away. But we did decide to go and we prepared for the lesson and rode over there, and he was AMAZING! He had so much interest and soaked everything we said up, and he practically set up the return appointment, we said sorry for coming so suddenly cause we figured he didnt remember the appointment we had set up a week ago, and he just said "I made an appointment" I just love this guy Hazama! He is such a stud and has a good family with 3 little kids! AND his brother who lives next door and has 2 kids is also taking the lessons and progressing! We met them within 5 minutes of each other! THE LORD IS DOING AMAZING THINGS IN JAPAN! These people have all been so prepared for this gospel. I feel so blessed!

We have a couple of mottos in our companionship, buckle up is our first one, because we feel like this area is about to explode so we have to buckle up and go along for the ride and do all we can! Thank you Brian Regan. And our other one that we quote about 20 times a day is bear with patience all thine afflictions and the Lord will give unto us success. Because the heat seems like a pretty large affliction sometimes, but we know that we have to keep working harder and the Lord will bless us. And he has, it has been amazing to see him bless us! I am so grateful!

This week we have interviews with Gustafson Kaicho, probably the last time I will see him before he goes home :( he goes back to America this transfer and will be replaced by Presidant Egan. I am really grateful for Gus Kaicho but I am also excited for a new mission president it will be an exciting change for the mission!

This week we were able to go to a basketball tournament for one of our investigators I think I have talked about him before, he is a 15 year old and him and his mom are both investigators he is about 6' 2" and wayyyy good at basketball His team is by far the best here on Ishigaki they won the first game 101-15 it was pretty fun to watch basketball again! Makes me realize how bad I am when I watch kids like that play hahahahaha

I love this work and am so grateful for all of the examples I have had in my life, and for all the miracles the Lord allows me to see every single day, I pray for everyones health and safety every day and hope you all know how much I love you!

Many of my friends are in the MTC or going into it this week I am so proud of every single one of them and know that they are making the greatest choice of their life! I love you all so much!


Elder Krebs

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