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November 25, 2015

Hope you all are doing amazing! I am sure there was a big stir because of no email from elder Krebs on Monday, but have no fear. President Egan switched p day to Thursday! So I am here with a nice report on what's going down in beautiful YammaGucci!

So this week was actually pretty awesome/difficult. On Tuesday of last week we got to go to Fukuoka for MLC, and got some amazing training from president Egan, and a fun announcement to elder TAKAYA and I that on Thursday they wanted us to train in a zone training meeting that president Egan and the assistants would be at. So we hurried back to the Gucci, tried to go out and work as much as possible while preparing this training, it was the most intense couple of days. Thursday came, we had an amazing training from president Egan on faith which really hit me. He is such an amazing example to us, and told us that if we just have the faith to baptize we will. He asked us the question "where is your faith?" Probably a thousand times. And it helped me focus my mind and work a lot. Elder TAKAYA and I had a fun training on contacting, and doing lessons simply with people on the street which was a blast! We absolutely love getting together with the
zone. They are AMAZING! And do so much, it is cool to see it all progressing.

So Saturday rolls around and elder Takaya and I wake up dead. Both super sick, we had to sleep from the morning till about 6 after dinner. And then we wanted to go out and work so we pushed through and got to meet some amazing people.

I just want a little paragraph to talk about how awesome my companion (Elder Rawlinson) is. He is crazy. Elder TAKAYA and I have to leave a lot for things and splits with elders and things like that. And he is always so ready, to go out and work and speak Japanese with another missionary who just got here 3 weeks ago, he will go out and do whatever is asked of him! Love the kid to death and I learn SO MUCH from him every single day!

We stayed up on medicine and stuff but the sickness lingered making it way hard to go out and work. We pushed through but it was hard, especially with p day moved to today. We saw some amazing miracles! I just want to share one!

So we have been focusing on planning with the spirit. And on Thursday for planning we felt like we would have a member present lesson, or we wanted one. So we planned, we planned the lesson. We didn't know who it would be with or how. But we planned it for after English class on Friday to teach with a member. We had a couple of people in mind for who we might teach. And so we had it in mind the whole day praying hard for that lesson. And then after English class I started talking
with this way cool 20 year old who comes every week named ryo. He is a stud! We started talking about the church, and he started saying how his English teacher at college teaches religion, and they were talking about how awesome our church is the other day. He basically asked us to meet again and for us to help him learn about Jesus Christ so we are meeting tomorrow night! Like WHAT! It wasn't exactly what we planned, but that was the Lords plan and I thoroughly believe that if we hadn't put in the work and planned so much for it that that experience would not have happened. We would not have found that prepared person who is literally sitting right in front of us every Friday! #Miracles

I want to just express my thanks to everyone on this wonderful turkey day for all of your kindness and for preparing me in all kinds of different ways to have the experience I am having right now! I have been trying to focus my prayers on gratitude and thanks to the Lord rather than a list of needs. It has helped me spiritually align myself, and realize how much I receive. I am grateful especially for the family the Lord has blessed me with, my amazing siblings who have pushed me (physically, mentally, and emotionally) to be better and to be the best I can be. I am grateful for my parents for the words of support and kindness, their always needed advice in times of hardship,
and their limitless love for me. I don't deserve any of this but the lord knew I would need the help I have received from my family and friends in life!

Alma 34:38 - take upon you the name of Christ; that ye humble yourselves even to the dust, and worship God, in whatsoever place ye may be in, in spirit and in truth; and that ye live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you.

EVERY DAY CAN BE THANKSGIVING! Now go out grab a football and have a flipping awesome turkey bowl for me! #WHOOT!

Elder Krebs

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