Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December 20, 2015

But It is almost 100 percent sure that I am staying so don't you even worry!

What an amazing time to be doing the Lords work! This Christmas season is so amazing, I have already made cookies thrice, and egg nog twice. So I am staying fat and happy. :)

I just want to tell everyone about a pretty amazing miracles we saw this week, so this week I went down to Yanai on splits and we saw some great miracles. Elder spencer and I made a lot of goals for ourselves, and we kept following up throughout the day and it was amazing to see is accomplishing them and from that finding the Lords elect. A funny experience- Our last contact of the day, we were talking to this man and there was a little awning in front of his door, and then out of nowhere this bird just starts going crazy inside and it and flying all around our heads, elder spencer and I started freaking out and all that jazz, and the dude just stood there cool as a cucumber saying he didn't even notice the bird, it finally left and he was nice enough to make a return appointment! And they met with him yesterday and he is way excited to learn more!!!

But the one true miracle of this week..........

I went on an American military base! And ate American food!! It was like heaven, I went for breakfast with some sisters and a couple elders from the zone and a missionary couple that is in charge of military relations there, and oh man did it change my life. I will include a picture, I walked on base and it was like I had walked into America, there were white people...everywhere. I just didn't know how to react...miracles, am I right?

We also were going around knocking doors this week and we knocked into a less active! Like what??? And not only that he holds the Melchizedek priesthood, but has been to the temple, and wants to come back to church!! The lord was definitely guiding everything we did this week. We had hard times and then he shows us huge miracles. I love the law of the harvest! :)

I have been so grateful for this Christmas season and seeing so many miracles, people in Japan are obviously usually not Christian, BUT, they know Christmas, they usually give their kids a present and eat a cake as a family. So it has been fun to see people freak out when we tell them that Christmas's true meaning is the celebration of Christs birth. It has opened up a lot of teaching opportunities!!

I am grateful this Christmas season for my family, and all that they do for me. As well as for all of my friends and teachers and leaders who have made me who I am. I am far from perfect, but because of others I have been able to change myself a lot. I am grateful for the mission and for everything that it means and everything that Christ did for us, from the most humble of births he became the savior of the world, King of kings and lord of lords, and because of him we can be free from our sins and sadness. Seeing that effect in my life and in the lives of those I teach is what truly brings me happiness, and is the true meaning of Christmas, and Christs teachings. I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!! Drink lots of real eggnog for me (mine is good but it isn't REAL eggnog)

Love you all,

Elder Krebs

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