Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December 24, 2015


I have been Santa 3 times you could say I am feeling pretty jolly at the moment! I also just got off of skype with my amazing family so whoop. And I got Ale8 for christmas so my joy is at capacity level right now! :)

This week has been ridiculously busy. We haven't had a p day in forever it feels like, so I wont be able to include everything but it has been amazing to say the least. Christmas has been an awesome way to bring up the gospel with so many people!

Transfer week was pretty uneventful because we didn't change at all! It is nice to stay the same 4 people and just party it up. I love our apartment so it is exciting to get to stay another transfer in the Yamagucci zone! WHOOOOT! 

We have been teaching a lot of people recently including this amazing man named Itou Kyoudai he is a less active but he wants to come back to church! We just housed right into him a little bit ago and have been able to meet with him and help him come closer again to the spirit through reading the book of mormon and praying every day. He is a little anxious about going to church again since it has been so long but we are going with a member tomorrow night which should be wayyyy awesome for him to feel the love of the members again! 

We also have been out of Yammaguchi a lot this week because at the beginning of transfers we have MLC in fukuoka so that took us out of town all day and then we had zone training meeting on thursday! Zone training was way fun, we chose a theme of Abide with Him, about coming closer to Christ through improving christ like attributes and doing all we can as well as frequently asking our savior Jesus Christ for how we can improve and become better as people. It was really great, the Sister Training Leaders gave an amazing training nothing better than feeling the spirit that strongly!

We had a lot of fun christmas parties one for our ward and one for our english class and they were both a blast! It has been a lot of fun working with the ward on christmas stuff and getting closer with them. 

This paragraph is a shout out to my PERFECT MOTHER AND FATHER! Holy cow, christmas this morning felt like I was in America. I was blessed to have them in Japan where shipping is RIDICULOUSLY cheap. So they loved me enough to send an amazing 60 pound package to their favorite son! I will not need to buy candy for the rest of my mission! So thankyou so much to them!

I just am so grateful for the gospel at this time of year for all it brings to my life and the enormous sacrifice of the savior on my behalf. What an amazing blessing to always receive help and guidance from our Savior. It makes me grateful beyond all things to think that he descended below all things so that we could receive a forgiveness and a freedom from our mistakes. His love is deeper than we can imagine. And I hope to comprehend that love more and more every day!!

I love you all so much!

Merry Christmas!!!

Elder Krebs

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