Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 3, 2015


I feel like I just emailed! Not much to talk about had a fun New Year's Day ate some yummy food with a member!!

We saw a crazy miracle on New Year's Day. It was way hard talking to people that night, no one was home and if they were they got mad at us for interrupting their parties, so we were on the way home and had a little bit of extra time. And we passed this apartment that had one light on in it. And I felt pretty strongly that we should go knock that one door. So we flipped around real quick and went back, and we knocked on the one door and these two Filipino ladies opened the door! They were so excited, they were asking questions about the church and said they wanted to learn more! So we set up a return appointment with them and are SO pumped to see them get baptized soon!!

Other than that not much happened! I never know what to write in here so if you have a question or things you want to hear about more let me know...

Just a commitment, as a mission we are studying faith this month as a mission and it is amazing to see it blessing our mission. And I know it can have the same effect as a family if you all have your faith centered on the same thing it will unify you! So as a family or individually I would invite you to study faith, from the PMG, and strengthen your faith this month!!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs!

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