Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December 31, 2015

First off, it was SO amazing to get to see the Krazy Krebs family on Christmas! I can't put into words how grateful I am for all of my family, and everything they do for me! As well as for the amazing Christmas presents. I swear I can still taste the Ale8... But it was so good to talk and hear about how everyone is doing. My family is the strongest testimony to me that this gospel works. I have seen it in my life and in the lives of many others! How blessed I am to know the restored truths of this gospel! And to have it bless my life in so many ways!!

Second off our mission president let us watch frozen on Christmas. It was so happy. I love Disney. But I am refocused again on the mission so don't worry ;)

This morning we went to a way cool Japanese shrine! New Years is huge here! It is so fun to see all of the Japanese people relaxing, their culture is so busy and all work. And it just makes me happy to see them out as families, enjoying their lives and taking a break from the work!

This week has been really great, we have been just pushing super hard to talk to lots of people and to teach more to build our pool of investigators and man has the work payed off! We have found some super prepared people, which is a huge blessing for our area because two of our way solid investigators dropped off lost week, so we needed to work with others! The two investigators will be good this week after New Years so don't worry :)

But that has been this week pretty much, just lots of finding! Which is literally my favorite part of the mission! We also had interviews with President Egan yesterday! With trainings from the assistants and sister Egan. It was stupendous, the Egan's amaze me every single day with their dedication. Their love is so contagious and is blessing this mission in so many ways!! It was also great as always to see the whole zone, it is amazing how much love I can feel for the amazing people in our zone. But I just absolutely love getting to see them, and hear about their work, and get to know them better! We have a fantastic zone, and I feel so blessed to get to serve alongside with them!!

Hope everyone has a great new year!!


Elder Krebs

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