Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 10, 2016


So during weekly planning last week we decided that for this week 1/4-1/10 we wanted to have a lesson every day and we were going to consecrate ourselves to accomplish it and we changed a lot of things and really studied consecration to the Lord and giving our will 100 percent to the Lord and going out and working hard! And holy cow did he deliver! We taught so many lessons this week, this area has been on the struggle bus the last couple weeks really not going anywhere. And this week we were able to teach a lesson or more every single day! And there were two days when we had none planned and RIDICULOUSLY PREPARED PEOPLE literally asked us to to teach them. They asked us, to teach what??? I was flipping out! One of them is a dad with 9 children...yes 9. Which is ridiculous like more than ridiculous. If you have 3 children in Japan you have a lot. He wanted to know why there were so many Christian churches and we said we have the answer and he said "okay then teach me right now" and wants to learn more! Then we met this awesome 19 year old guy, he is in college right now and he was way excited to talk with two white guys and said he had time and asked if we would teach him about our church right there on the street. So we prayed on the street with him while all these college students are walking by and after we said amen he just looked up at me and said, "the air is different, something just changed, there is such a good feeling in the air right now" but in Japanese so it sounded a lot more Asian when he said it but STILL! And then after we taught about God, which he loved, he asked if we could meet today! So we will be teaching Hirata San today and hopefully making a baptismal date so please pray hard for him!

We also got to meet with the filipino ladies that we met a week ago! They were so awesome, super open to learn but it was hard because they are both pretty involved in the Catholic Church so they want to learn more and are willing to try but it is hard not treading on some of their beliefs! Aka just weird to be teaching people with a Christian background...

Elder Rawlinson is still amazing! We love knocking doors all day! And seeing crazy miracles and improving together! Elder TAKAYA and I have been experimenting on cooking becoming more fancy and more Asian, and my skills are improving. We have been making some delicious food lately. So everybody get ready for the chef elder Krebs in 2 years! We have also been doing some New Years deep cleaning of the apartment which has been a blast. Super grateful for saturday jobs and a mom who made me clean! #blessings

Loving the work here in Yamaguchi! Can't wait to keep seeing miracles and going crazy! We love the Lord and we love giving him 100 percent! I had a really moving study this week as I studied charity, and I noticed a commitment that Moroni gives us in Moroni 7:48 where he invites us to pray to the Lord for that love and charity, and so I have been doing that and felt a difference in my life. With my love for those I work with here in Japan! So please pray to the Lord this week for more love and more charity and he will give it to you!

Love you all,

Elder Krebs!

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