Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 27, 2016


What an amazing time to be a servant of the Lord! #EasterInMarch

None of the members even knew it was Easter yesterday which was really sad! But shout out to momma for sending perfectly timed Easter candy we were able to give Easter presents to all the members and they LOVED it!

This week we were able to see a huge miracle of meeting with Kenji! An amazing investigator who we were able to set a baptismal date with him!

He is so solid, 18 years old and working right now to save up for college, his lesson was one of the most spiritual on my mission as we taught him simply about gods love for him and the plan of salvation! It was amazing!

Takashi is doing amazing! Everything is set up! The member he wants to baptize him is going to be gone on 4/2 so we had to move the date to 4/9! But we went through everything for baptism and he is soooo excited for his baptism! His mom is going to be there and it will just be a great experience for everyone!!

We went on splits this week which was a blast! We saw a HUGE miracle, we were knocking doors and we knocked one with a lady who is a member! She was baptized at 8 in a different city,and her mom is a member as well! But she hasn't been able to go to church because she didn't know there was one in Yamaguchi. She was so excited to see us and was saying that she was even planning to go to her old branch which is like an hour drive, she is a young mom with 2 little kids! So hopefully she can start coming back to church again! And let the gospel bless her and her young family!

I know this work is the Lords work. I am more grateful for the Savior than I could ever express, because of Him we can overcome the two things in this life we can't control. Sin and death. His atonement is infinite with no end. And his resurrection will allow all people to be resurrected. I was really impressed this week as I read the simple words in Matthew, he is not here, he is risen. Christ is risen and he is a beacon of light to the world and our perfect example! I glory in his name every day and am grateful to have his name on my chest every single day!

Love you all so much!

Elder Krebs

So this is my funny experience of the week, Elder Hanley my companion is not into sports at all, knows almost nothing. So we were talking about how we hope there is sports in heaven and how I wanna play basketball in heaven. And elder Hanley said "I wanna ball like Michael Johnson" and we all just kind stopped and looked at him, and he had no idea that his name was Michael Jordan hahahahaha it was classic, we were dying laughing. And then in a lesson that night our investigator started talking about Michael Jordan. #MissionaryFunnies

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