Sunday, April 10, 2016

February 28, 2016

What a great crazy awesome week!!

Lots of time to go around knocking doors at the beginning lots of fun miracles with that! We were able to really start working more with the ward this week and with some less actives which has brought a lot of success and a better relationship with the ward!!

I am having a blast with Elder Hanley! One crazy miracle this week was on Friday at English class, recently a man and his son have been coming. The dad lived in America for 22 years! He is a genius and worked for what. And we started talking about the church, and he had all these questions and just wanted to learn. And asked us to come to his house and teach him!! He is amazing, and really needs this in his life and he recognizes that he needs something in his life!! He has all kinds of time to meet, and thinks the missionaries are amazing for what we do! We are so excited to baptize Moto! So please pray for him!

On Saturday we had a fun concert in Ube, I got to sing a couple songs, and it was so weird to be singing so much! I haven't sung that much in a while, I have dropped like two steps from my range. #MissionSacrifices #DontTellMr.Marsh...

I feel so blessed to be working in Yamaguchi and serving the Lord. I have been humbled a lot here, and it has taught me so much about relying on the Lord in everything because if we do not then we cannot accomplish what he wants done. And if I am not trying to accomplish what the Lord wants done, then there is not much reason for me being here! So I am recommitting myself to consecrate everything to the Lord, not just for two years, but my whole life. I want to be a servant, and more than that a friend of the Lord.

Fun story from this week was....I ate whale meat! Whoop! It was way weird...smells like fish, tastes like super salty beef.

We also played badminton this week...Japanese people do not mess around with badminton. One of the missionaries here, elder TAKAYA, was the captain of his high school team, and I always joked around about it. But this missionary is amazing. It was like art watching him play badminton. That was a humbling experience. All the badminton at the graduation parties senior year did not prepare me...

Well I love you all tons!! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Krebs

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