Sunday, April 10, 2016

February 22, 2016

Greetings loved ones!

This week was amazing, we had Elder Yamashita of the Asian north area
presidency come and give a taikai this week! It was STUPENDOUS!! He is
amazing, and his spirit of love was so strong for all of the
missionaries! He went over so many awesome things to help us in our
missionary work to improve our skills so that we can see baptisms! The
thing that really stuck out to me was how important the little things
are, and how much we have to work to be in tune with the spirit at all
times. It is not an easy thing to be always receiving help and
guidance, we must put in a lot of work to accomplish that. And it will
make us the most effective missionaries!

That was on Friday, we also had a great experience teaching our
investigator Ryo this week, we were able to get a member there and it
was AMAZING. Ryo was able to hear this recent converts testimony and
see the effect and blessings it could have on his life, and also his
future family! He wants to be baptized so bad, but can't because of
work on Sunday's.... :( so please pray that his faith is strengthened
enough to take a day off on Sunday to be able to keep the sabbath day

We had a fun member dinner on Thursday! He made us all kinds of
delicious food, and we got to share a nice spiritual message with them
on our gratitude to the Lord and helping them realize everything they
have gotten from Him, as well as what we can give back to the Lord to
show our gratitude towards Him!

The Yamaguchi area is doing great! Elder Hanley and I are working well
and having a blast here! We are grateful to the Lord for everything he
has given us! It is amazing, as we truly count our many blessings it
amazes me how much the Lord has given us as we stop and think! Never
forget how much the Lord loves every single one of you!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

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