Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 7, 2016

What a great week!!!

We are having a lot of fun here in Yamaguchi! We were able to see a lot of miracles, especially with teaching our main man Kenji!! He is way cool! And he is excited to learn more! He is a 20 year old kid working to save up for college!! It is way fun to teach him, he loves English and so we are helping him learn the basics!! And he is progressing way well!

We are doing way well and having a party here, loving Elder Hanley, he is progressing more and more every day!! It is cool to see the changes as he adjusts more and becomes more comfortable in the language, he is a great example to me!

We were also able to teach Moto, a self referral from English class, he lived in America for 22 years! It was an interesting lesson...he thinks the institution of the church is amazing like the missionary
program, but has no interest in religion he doesn't think it is a good thing. And said when he dies he just wants everything to be over. After that lesson it made me think a lot, about how sad that would be if everything just ended when we died, how lucky we are to know that we can live forever, with our families in a heavenly setting. It is just such a huge blessing!

I went on splits on Thursday, with Elder Tschirky! It was a BLAST! We knocked into a white minister...he told us that we were antichrists in the most polite way ever. It was an interesting experience that I will definitely never forget! Top ten of my mission for sure! #CrazyMoments

This week is transfers and elder Hanley and I are staying together for one more transfer at least! It should be fun to continue to blow up Yamaguchi! Plus elder Scheaunman is coming here as the new zone leader since elder TAKAYA is going home :(((( but I love elder Scheaunman! We lived together for one transfer in Sendai so it should be a blast being together again!!

I love this work a lot!! Hope everyone is doing well at home! Hearing all about Donald Trump here in Japan, the people are riveted... ;)

Love you all!

Elder Krebs

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