Tuesday, June 7, 2016

April 18, 2016


Hahahahaha we had some pretty interesting and amazing experiences this week, so sorry if this email is a little all over the place! Just so everyone knows the mission here is completely okay from the earthquake, the area of Kumamoto where it hit the hardest is pretty damaged but the missionaries are all serving like crazy out there! We just got a little bit of shaking here in Yamaguchi.

Then on Wednesday Elder Schuenman and I were going to be working together since our companions were with the District Leader going on splits with him. But we felt like we should go down to an area in the zone and go on splits with them which was a blast, it was POURING rain all day, and there was thunder and lighting, it was the first time I have seen lighting in Japan...crazy!

Then on Friday night there was this house that caught on fire near our apartment! What the heck! The world is going crazy here in Yamaguchi!

Miracle of the week!! So we got this referral from an area that had been calling people in their phone, so we called and went to visit him, and he literally said that He should be baptized! Like what???? It was amazing #blessings! So pray for Saktsugu San!

I love this work so much, I just got my transfer call and I will be leaving Yamagucchi and going to Fukuoka! It should be a lot of fun. President Egan knows that I need to be kept under good watch so he is putting me in Fukuoka ;)

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

We are safe and sound don't you worry!! Just felt a little bit of shaking up here, it was pretty exciting! The missionaries in Kumamoto where it hit the most were all okay! They are all safe and sound.

I just got my transfer call......FUKOKA! They are sending me to the big city to work down there! I am way excited, it is gonna be a blast, definitely a lot more stressful but it should be a good time! I am excited!

It has been amazing working here in Yamaguchi for so long, but gotta move on and grow ;) Elder Hanley is doing amazing, and he is going to be getting a great companion so he can finally learn something from a good companion, it has been amazing to see him change, everyone in the zone is always telling me how different he is now from what he was like when he first came in.

I will be praying for Laura that sounds rough, poor girl!

Love you tons,

Elder Krebs

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