Tuesday, June 7, 2016

April 24, 2016

What a great week!!

Had a blast this week, supppppper busy with transfers and all kinds of fun stuff! But I am now safely in Fukuoka! And it is crazy, I compare it to rice#Asia. YamaGUCCI was like one grain of rice, and Fukuoka is like a ten kilogram bag of it. There are people everywhere! And it is amazing, so many people with willing and open hearts! Already seeing a ton of miracles with the current investigators we have here and with new investigators we have been able to find!

My companion is Elder Gatherum from Orem Utah! He is literally the bestest! We are having a blast, both wanting to improve and do our best and work hard! It is such a blast, I miss elder Hanley a ton, but he has a good companion now with Elder Davies so I am sure he is enjoying it!

It is a blast in the apartment, there are 4 of us In a house! A HOUSE!!! Yes!!! It is so nice, way fun! So much room!

We have an amazing investigator right now named Konomi shimai, she is literally the cutest grandma! She is getting baptized on 5/7, she is so amazing and excited for her baptism. So cute believes everything we have taught her and just accepts it all, loves reading the BoM and praying she is just so adorable!! So please pray for her!

This week for p-day we went to this way cool cave, it was a blast! So much fun, and just gorgeous! Way great day I will post some pictures below! I can't believe how much beauty the Lord created in this world and I just love being able to see the beautiful things he has created for us! It is amazing to think how much work went into creating this beautiful world, and how he created it all for us. He truly is our perfect Heavenly Father!

Also a quick congratulations to My brother John for his graduation!! And also to my Sister Laura for her new baby Greta! Love seeing those pictures of these beautiful babies!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

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