Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May 24, 2016


Probably wondering why I am emailing on saturday, I just got emergency transferred the area over and the p-day here is on saturdays! It was way easy transfer, just a five minute car ride :)

This week was pretty fun, exciting! I love it here in Fukuoka and am way excited that I get to stay here longer, my new companion is the amazing Elder Pettit, he is my senpai from the MTC so it is way good to work and learn a lot from him, he is a way solid example to me. I am going to be able to learn so much more from him. I know that I have a lot to improve but this is a way good time for me to learn!

It is super easy to change when things around me are changing so this is the perfect time! Love the Lords gospel, and the ability that comes with it to change and to improve.

I have been really grateful for President Egan a lot, he is amazing, and just a spiritual giant he teaches us so well and loves us so much. He always knows how to help us in our hardest times, he is truly who the Lord has called to help this mission at this time I know that is true.

I miss my old companion Elder Gatherum a ton, he is a solid missionary who understands his purpose and does work, he taught me a lot. I am very grateful for him and his example!

Love this work so much!

You all are the best!

Elder Krebs

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