Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May 8, 2016

WOWZERS! Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful, perfect, amazing, Christ like mother in the whole entire world! Mama Krebs! So grateful for my mother and how perfect she is, and all of her hard work to raise a rascal like me! LOVE YOU MAMA!

This week was great! It was a week of Nepalese people! We were able to meet with an amazing person who we met like two weeks ago, he wasn't that interested but we met him a week later on the street again. Which is crazy because of how huge Fukuoka is! And he was like, "This is crazy, here is my phone number lets meet again" so we did on Sunday night, and we were able to set up a baptismal date with him. And give him a Book of Mormon in his native language, it was amazing to see the Lord preparing him in so many different ways!

We also met another Nepalese man, who set up an appointment with us, because he had recently started studying Christianity and was really interested and said he loved what he was studying and wanted to learn more...WHAT THE FLIP! Gonna be a Nepalese Ward here soon enough :)

Konomi is still doing well, she is progressing towards her baptismal date on the 21st right now. Just helping build up her faith and all kinds of other good stuff! It is amazing to see the Lord blessing her as she receives answers to her prayers!

Love this work so much, grateful for my amazing family that I got to chat with this morning!

Love you all tons,

Elder Krebs

So, I am getting transferred to the mission home, so I will have my p-day on Saturdays from now on, just so you know for next week!

President Egan has gone crazy apparently and asked me to be the new assistant in the mission, I am freaking out a little bit, and definitely starting to notice a lot of my weaknesses. So if you have any advice for me that would be amazing, I go into the office on Thursday morning and jump right into transfers and everything! I am excited for the opportunity to learn a lot, but also flipping out a little bit. Advice from parents and siblings would be much appreciated so if you could send this to my siblings that would be awesome! Don't tell anyone else though, secret!

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