Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 3, 2016

Wow, what a week! It was so insane, I really dont remember half of what happened but I will try to type it out and hopefully it will come to me...yosh.

ALRIGHT! So the crazy miracle of this week was on sunday when we had Miyata san randomly come to church! HUGE MIRACLE! We met him on friday on the street, we had a good contact and exchanged numbers, he was down to meet but said that he was going to italy on tuesday so we probably wouldnt be able to meet until after! But afterward when he was looking at our flier that we gave him, he remembered a lot of the christian teachings he had heard from his mother, and felt guilt for some bad stuff he had done in his life. And he came to church, and said "after we met I feel like I need to repent" LIKE WHAT?? no one in japan even knows the word repent, and he not only knows it, he wants to do it! We had a really great lesson with him, and he is truly so prepared for this message. He is a wayyyy cool 30 year old, so keep Miyata in your prayers!

Then we had transfers this week as well, it was way fun! Got to see all kinds of missionaries I havent seen in a long time and this mission is changing A LOT! Which is way cool, its like a fresh start! I love it!

This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple which was amazing! It was an enlightening time and I felt a lot of things that helped me focus, and helped me understand where and how I can improve at this time on my mission! I love every second of my mission and feel blessed beyond belief to be here. Especially in the greatest mission out there!

I also have the greatest companion ever, Elder Pettit, from Riverside California! He is a stud, we are having an absolute blast together, he is teaching me so much every single day and I am way grateful to learn from him!

Love you all so much,

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY MOM FOR HER BIRTHDAY LAST WEEK! The big 2-0! Love you lots momma! Couldnt be more blessed, I have the best mom in the whole entire world!

Elder Krebs

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