Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May 27, 2016

Fastest week ever! Can not believe that it is already saturday again.....still weird emailing on saturday as well hahaha

This week was a lot of fun, I had to go to the DMV a lot, in order to get a license here in Japan you have to be perfect...literally...it is way hard. I have tried two times. the first time was way rough, the second time I felt soooo good. And then he failed me for the tiniest little things. They are way strict, and so I am going to have to study up some more before we try again next week...pray for me!

We also have had a lot of fun little things going down around here, meeting with some amazing missionaries. The crazy thing we had this week though was an amazing missionary conference from Elder Cook. He shared some amazingly powerful testimonies, and taught us simply 4 basic principles that he wanted us to understand,
1. We are branch builders 2. We succeed when we invite regardless of the outcome 3. You are the message 4. Focus our spiritual power on teaching and planning.

It was amazing and as I have been trying to apply those four points to myself I have felt a lot of help in what has been a really overwhelming time for me. The Lord knew exactly what I needed. At the end of the meeting as Elder Cook was closing with his testimony, he bore a powerful witness that he and all of the members of the quorum of the twelve had powerful experiences that gave them a knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. And he ended by saying "I know the Saviors voice, and I know his face" the Spirit in the room was so strong. He truly is a prophet, seer, and revelator. And it was amazing to have such a special opportunity to hear from him!

The Japan Fukuoka mission is a sacred and special mission. I am proud to be here.

This week has been full of lots of random little things keeping us busy, you probably aren't too interested but it is fun that really matters!

Love you all so much, thank you for all of your support and prayers!

Elder Krebs

ps. get to go to the driving range with Egan kaicho here in a little bit...PUMPED

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