Saturday, August 13, 2016

June 11, 2016

IM LEGIT! I have got a license....TO DRIVE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE STREET! I am so excited, getting a license in Japan is harder than fitting a camel through the eye of a needle...I feel so blessed. It is really weird to drive on the left side, but I haven't had problems so far. But please keep me in your prayers!

This week was really great, we have had a good amount of time to go out and find as well as accomplishing a lot of other fun stuff! President Egan's family is in town right now and it has been cool getting to know them and see the President interact in a different way with his family!

We have met some way amazing people recently here in Fukuoka, we had a crazy cool miracle a couple nights ago. The day before we had been focusing on really planning with the Spirit, and so the next day as we went out finding we were walking on the street and while we were waiting at a light this white guy starts waving his hand and walks towards us and says "Hey Elders, how are you doing?" Turns out that this young super cool white guy's grandma is a member of the church. And because he was with his grandma a lot he knows a lot about the church...and even went to seminary for 3 months before he went into the military and got stationed in Japan! LIKE WHAT THE HECK! He asked us to switch phone numbers and was way down to meet. He totally understood and pointed out the crazy timing that led up to us meeting, the Lord's timing is just amazing. So please keep Cody in your prayers! We are way excited to continue meeting with him!

Elder Pettit is still the best companion out there, we have seen a ton of miracles, and are trying lots of new stuff here! It is a time for me to learn lots from him and I am grateful for the opportunity! We had a couple really fun trainings this week, we had a zone conference and had a stellar training from the Zone Leaders on Thursday, made me wanna go out and baptize the world which is exactly what Elder Pettit and I are planning to do! YOSH!

This week I have been thinking a lot about the gifts of the Spirit, and how great of a blessing it is to have the Holy Ghost guiding us in our every day lives. From small things to large things. The Holy Ghost is always there leading us on the path that the Lord would have us take not on the path the world would have us take. I have been praying and trying to rely on the Spirit a lot this week as I notice a lot of my weaknesses. Especially relying on the Spirit to comfort me so that I don't get overwhelmed by my weaknesses. It has been a great blessing to me!

Jealous of my family getting to party it up in California this week....Dont have too much fun without me!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

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