Saturday, August 13, 2016

July 17, 2016

Long time no write!

This past two weeks have been all over the place and AWESOME! The only way I can remember anything that happened is through my pictures!

On Monday we had a whole zone p-day and it was a BLAST! We played all kinds of fun games at a park and just had a good time with everyone! Loved every second, we have the most amazing missionaries in our mission. There is no doubt about that #FukuokaPride

Then we have a couple new areas opening up so President asked us to help him out with the moving process. In case you didn't know our mission is HUGE so it was quite a drive! Felt like I was road tripping again with the homies! Rented a huge van and had it filled up with all kinds of random stuff in the back, then we opened up the apartments and headed back! Good times...Good times.

New missionaries came in...almost all of them. We were waiting at the airport to pick them up, and we were expecting 3 elders. (super small group this transfer) and only 2 came off the was pretty exciting. Apparently one had some last minute Visa problems so he couldn't come for another week. (we really need to hire poppa Krebs at the churches immigration center)

Then the returning missionaries came in! It was an amazing group of missionaries, full of some missionaries that have really helped me a lot on my mission and been great examples to me. I am very grateful for them, it was sad to see them go but I am sure they will do great in the real world!

Then today...the best of all. We went to a Brazilian BBQ. It was just like Tucanos! Pineapple and all! IT WAS THE GREATEST!

I absolutely love life, my companion, and this mission! I am so grateful for all the things that I am able to learn every day!

I am also very grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. As a missionary as I work with other missionaries, I notice so many of my weaknesses. I see where I could be improving, or should be improving. And sometimes it can be hard. But the Spirit is always there to pat me on the back and guide me in the right direction! It is SUCH a blessing! Best guy!

I love this work, and I am SO grateful for this gospel and for the ability we have to overcome our weaknesses and sins and become more like the Savior every single day!

Love you all so much,

Elder Krebs

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