Saturday, August 13, 2016

July 23, 2016

Thanks for being parents, who trust in the Lord work and in his timing. Our mission president actually got quite a few nasty emails from parents about the original release date for my group. That was a lot of why he changed it. I am grateful you didn't send anything like that. Kaicho read me dads email and it was very kind. I was just grateful that I have parents that trust in the Lords plan even on small and simple things like this! You are the greatest example in all things!!


Elder Krebs

The weeks literally just go faster and faster...I don't know where time goes.

This week I have noticed the power and importance of doing the little things. As we get busy and are traveling around a little bit sometimes study time gets cut down. Sometimes we really don't have much at all. And on those days I feel a difference. Of maybe not having a good amount of time to truly sit down and pray to my Heavenly Father. Or to take that time to study the scriptures. I see myself maybe moving a little more backwards rather than progressing forward as we always want to be doing! 悔い改めます^o^

I have also learned the importance of just a good work ethic, I see missionaries who have learned in their lives just how to work hard to achieve what they want to, and to see success. And I have been trying to apply that in my life. I am still no where near my awesome companion but through his example and help j have been able to see a difference as I am trying to be 100% diligent in all things, even seemingly small things and seeing the different results! I LOVE LEARNING TO LOVE WORK! It is a the most important thing that I can learn on my mission is how to truly WORK! Working hard will always lead to having fun.

I love this work so much! I am grateful to be able to learn so much every single day! This life is truly a time to learn and to prepare to meet God. I am so grateful for that. I am learning to love learning more and more every day, something that all my teachers before the mission can tell you that I probably wasn't the best at hahahaha and judging by some of my grades you could say the same thing

Love you all so much!!

Elder Krebs

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