Saturday, August 13, 2016

June 24, 2016

WOWZERS! This week was way awesome!!

The most fun part for sure was going down to the Islands of Okinawa, we got to fly down and man did it make me miss the hot summer on the islands! It was balmy, but we got to stay in one of the returned couple missionaries apartment one of the nights we were was like being in America...there is a base right across the street, we had chili and fritos, gatorade, starburst, and everything else american you can think was a pretty intense culture shock...and then I slept in a bed...for the first time in was eye opening.

We have been going around the mission and it has been way cool to see all of these amazing missionaries here and the hard work that they put in every single day! It is amazing to watch and see them, and makes me everyday want to improve myself! It has also been fun to see old areas, and old companions, and friends!

My comp is still a stud! He helps me out so much, I am very grateful for him and for all that he does for me!

Investigator wise this week was AMAZING!!! We met a person on the street last week named Josh, he is Japanese but lived in LA for 7 months, so his English is pretty dang good. We set up a return appointment, and then met him! He is SOO prepared, he accepted a baptismal date right there, and was so excited! He understands the need to repent and to have faith, and is really willing to work towards that. It is amazing that even with all kinds of things happening, the Lord still prepares people for us to teach! #MIRACLES

I have loved this week so far, there are definitely hard times, where it is hard and I question whether I can really do what I need to, or if I am the right person. But I know that I can always trust in the Lord, how wonderful it is that the Lord's church is based off of revelation and we can always rely on that. Although I have many many weakness just as Ether teaches us, the Lord can turn those into strengths, as we make goals, plans, and do everything we can to accomplish them!

Love you all so much!!

Elder Krebs

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